The Book and Architecture Family

Moses and Herbie decided to write a graphic novel together (in answer to their prayer, "What should I do when I'm bored?"). They had so much fun and were so excited, they inspired Penelope to write a book in Portuguese about a magic closet with two main characters named Jake and Anie. Linus began a series of six books. The first called "The Super Watermelon"... other super fruits to follow...

And Archie spent about 3 hours Monday working on "Ae and the Sword," a ninja book with lots of fires and BOOOOOOMS!

I sat down to work on my book and he laid on the floor to work on his.
Archie: I know! We can be the book family! 
To Woo's relief and my chagrin, enthusiasm died quite a bit during the week.

Ruby's attitude seems to follow a predictable pattern: Monday-Wednesday absolutely awesome, Thursday-Friday mostly awesome, Saturday bad mood and Sunday is a toss up.

I think she just gets tired at the end of a long week, and on Monday she's fresh and ready to go again.

She's been studying hard, but the "muito bom" has so far eluded her on her midterms... except English, of course. Moses was the first to get a non-English "muito bom" in History and Geography of Portugal. Although, a straight line of "boms" is much better than their midterms at this time last year.

Herbie invested a lot of emotion into a valiant, but failed attempt to get us to buy him a phone (or let him buy one). He was not happy when he went to bed, but his revelation said what it always says when he has a disagreement with us (listen to your mom and dad... and how great that is!).

In his free time from school this week Herbie did family history (like he always does, by choice), and then went for a quick surf with Woo. They were the only ones in the water that early and came home cold.

Moses and Archie made cookies on one of their afternoons together. One thing I really like about the kids school schedule is that it builds relationships between the kids who aren't each other's natural buddy. (Moses and Ruby walking to school and back without Herbie a few times a week is another.) Archie LOVES hanging out with his big brother Moses.

Linus and Penelope both were invited to birthday parties this week. They were super excited and didn't sleep well. While buying presents, we found the kid sunglasses display, and everyone had to get some. Kids and sunglasses last about 2 days; although Linus has stretched it for like 2 months before, but they're so cheap at the Chinese store and the kids love them so much, I couldn't resist letting them buy some.

The metric system isn't 100% with some of us yet, apparently.
Penelope (holding up a milk carton): This weighs 2,000 kilometers! Did you know that? ... and I weigh 22.4 kilometers!
It's a long story (and Woo's better at those than I am anyway), but Woo finally went teaching with the missionaries last night. He wishes it happened more often; he always feels great after bearing his testimony about the Book of Mormon or any other gospel principle. I know he does a great job of explaining things when they are completely new to someone. He really loves companionships of missionaries who frequently invite him. I wish he could go more often too.

Today I'm fasting over President Nelson's talk in conference--"Tonight I urge you, with all the hope of my heart, to pray to understand your spiritual gifts—to cultivate, use, and expand them, even more than you ever have. You will change the world as you do so."

I was kind of surprised that right off the bat I got one: meekness. It's a gift for me obviously, but not perfect at yet. There's more work to be done and my mind was opened a bit in those ways last night. Another was faith. But these are the kinds of things I was expecting. The last one was not. I don't even know the technical term, maybe design?

But, I got the impression that I need to start designing a house for our family. And I'm not talking about sketching a few things, collecting pictures, color swatches and writing lists. I need to draw actual, functional house plans. I almost started to cry because I was tired; it was time to go to bed; and because I'm already slowly working on big projects I was inspired to do years ago (see book above).

Sometimes in the past, Woo's been hesitant when I talk about building a house, because I think 2 million dollars immediately flashed before his eyes. Other times, he has encouraged me by sending me links to rendering programs. But this time (maybe in response to my own overwhelmed feelings) he reminded me that I'm good at doing things a little bit at a time over long periods of time. And it's true; I am. Another spiritual gift?

Anyway, long story short, I did figure out when I can carve out a sliver of time in my weekday life, and in 2 or 3 years I'll have floor plans! Goal for next week: find a free CAD program I don't hate.

The kids were all super excited when I told them this morning. Moses has not been able to think of anything else. He, Linus, Herbie and Archie have already drawn quick sketches of their dream rooms for me. They all have a trap door or secret passageway, which I'm definitely not opposed to.

Well, that's our week. Hope yours was great!