The Peculiar Family Among Us

Last year we missed all of the pro male world surf competition when it was here. This year we went way too many times.
Woo (on our way home yesterday): And now let us never speak of this again. Until next year.
Yesterday was nuts--way too many people. I ended up taking Archie and Nellpea a ways down the beach and just letting them play in the sand without bothering other people. They don't care it they get to watch people surf, and I don't really either.

But the other days there were fewer people and it was easier to see. Many pros were happy to take a picture with Moses (and his dirty shirt that I swore I told him to change) when they got out of the water.

Others were less happy (although, it almost looks like they're holding hands).

Herbie and Archie went on the day when they got to stand on the giant deck chair and where free buffs were handed out. Which meant that Archie went to school dressed as a ninja the next day. (Our kids think buffs make the best ninja masks.)

Linus came home from school and said they spent some time talking about the chores our kids do at home. We're an oddity, and the kids often say their teacher will hold a discussion centered around them about living in America or religious differences, but this is the first time (that I know of) they've wanted to talk about the kids' jobs.

I didn't even know Linus' teacher knew about them, but I did post them to Facebook, so I guess word got around. Linus was very proud to say that he does the laundry and he does it TWICE a day. The kids in his class were astonished.

Penelope taught our FHE lesson last week. One thing I can say is that our kids know how to ask good discussion questions. Once you know what they are; they're easy, and you can teach a good lesson with 5 minutes prep.

Penelope had more than 5 minutes prep. She wanted to teach a lesson on How to be More Like Jesus (her favorite topic). She thought of her questions, found a couple scriptures, decided on a testimony and then made one of those paper fortune tellers (my kids call them cootie catchers), with a bunch of suggestions (pray to be nice to brothers and sisters, make a friend who doesn't have a friend, teach people about the gospel, invite a friend to church, etc.) It was pretty clever and a fun lesson.

Woo had to pick Ruby up one day from school for lunch. She'd had PE... they were running lengths...  she had to get a certain number in a certain amount of time to get a "muito bom"... she twisted her ankle, and then kept running to get her "muito bom." When it was over, she couldn't walk.

To avoid traffic Woo parked quite a ways away, and had to give her a piggy back, but he got her home. Luckily she didn't need to go back to school that day, had less walking than normal the day after that, and then she was fine.

She didn't go back to school because it was a kayaking day. Herbie and Moses set off alone, but because of a storm earlier in the day, the swell was huge and the coast guard wouldn't allow anyone in the water. Instead, Herbie and Moses also spent time talking to their coach about our family (he asked them if Woo was a pastor :), and then came home early.

And Woo and I went out to eat for our 15th anniversary. Eating out here has been mostly a frustrating experience, and while the food was okay, mostly we just discovered another restaurant we never need to visit again.

And here I am licking off my plate for, I believe, the very first time in my life. I'm sorry Mom and Dad. I had my reasons...

That's about it. Hope you had a great week!