Another Week

We really dropped the ball on pictures this week. Sorry. All of these were pictures the kids wanted us to take: Herbie's cardboard surfboard before he tossed it, Archie with his primary program talks, perfectly made beds (or mattresses on the floor) by Linus and Penelope, Linus and Archie's tie tying efforts, and Archie's pillow surfing.

Bickering has been a problem since school started. Our last two FHE have concentrated on it. And despite this, Ruby could not get the ending of the word contentious correct. She said things like contentual, contentuous, etc. (Reminds me of my Portuguese.)

Anyway, last week Woo led a family council where we finally made progress when we decided the biggest problem was that the kids just didn't recognize when they were being contentious. We decided on a silent signal to give whenever anyone observed anyone else being contentious. The effect was immediate. There was absolutely no arguing for probably 3 days. No one wanted the signal pointed at them, and when they forgot, the signal would cut off any arguing kid right away. We still are having much more peace.

Except in the case of Herbie and Moses who didn't show up for dinner two nights in a row. We knew where they were both times, but this has never happened before--to them or to us. They definitely know now how we feel about it.

Ruby, Herbie and Moses had a kayaking race. We didn't go to watch because it was 6 hours long, we had no idea when they were racing and the other kids come home for 2 hours at lunch. But it was the most pleasant day of the week, a great day to be outside on a lake, and they enjoyed themselves.

Penelope got her first Book of Mormon revelation (that I know of). I often try to encourage her to pray and get revelation when she's upset, doesn't think something's fair, has her feelings hurt, etc. but she always resists, saying she won't get revelation about those things. Anyway one morning, she recognized herself in Laman and Lemuel in 1 N 15 when Nephi asks, "Have ye inquired of the Lord?" and they say, "we have not, for the Lord maketh no such things known unto us."

She apologized to me and told me she was going to do better.

One night Archie told me the worst part of his day was "the music."
Me: The music?  
Archie: Yeah, people were laughing at me during the music. 
Me: Why would anyone be laughing at you during the music? 
Archie: Because they didn’t like my dancing, (matter-of-factly) which was the best dancing.

Woo had the flu this week, the shortest flu I ever remember him having. To me it lasted a day and a half. (It was probably a day longer to him.) He used to get sick for weeks whenever he would get sick. He also worked towards renewing the registration on the van, went surfing, did a bunch of work, family stuff and church stuff.

Saturday Linus helped me make cookies and he led Penelope and Archie around the neighborhood to deliver them to friends. They came home a third of the way through to resolve an argument of who to deliver cookies to when someone wasn't home. Left again. Came home again to grab more cookies for a bunch of friends they'd discovered at the park, and came home in the end, feeling they'd done some good in the world.

I made sure everything was in place for the primary program. I kept it as simple as possible and I only have 5 primary kids, but there were still some stressful moments. Mostly this week I worked on floor plans, which is too much fun for me right now.

That's all for now. Hope your week was great!