I was in a funk today. While I was dressing for district conference I had a fleeting thought... I haven't felt this way in a long time, and I used to feel this way kind of frequently, didn't I? It was good that right off the bat I was able to see a blessing, but I still struggled all through district conference and the branch leadership meeting afterwards. I did a lot of praying for myself, and was able to survive, at least.

And I did okay at home until I didn't. There was tirade for a few minutes, and then I was done. And now here I am. I'll probably feel completely better after this email. I always do, as I get to look back on the good things that happened.

Woo's very first patent went through. I don't know exactly what it means, but it's an accomplishment of some sort.
Me: So... it's worthless, or you're going to be a billionaire?
Woo: Umm, somewhere in between?
I think skewed towards the worthless end.

Woo has talked a lot about being grateful for the beauty of the earth this week. There seems to be an actual rainbow season here, where we see more because of the position of the sun in relation to the water. We see one or two every day, and he sees even more while he's out surfing. He's done some reading, where we've all learned interesting things like that the colors in the 2nd rainbow of a double rainbow are inverted. We looked out the window, and there just happened to be a double rainbow to witness the inverted colors ourselves.

I'm not sure I ever mentioned(?) that Ruby did make the honor roll last year. There was some mistake, but they printed up and posted a new list with Ruby Lyn Apostol Woolley added--so still not correct. This week they had some sort of awards ceremony, but it started at 9PM. Woo and I couldn't imagine getting home at 11PM from something like that.

I haven't asked anyone (instead I'm going to spout it here), but I wonder if the Portuguese late hours came to be after working around fishermen. Are evenings a good time to catch fish? It seems like the fishermen I do know come home late, and then everyone in the community stayed up to welcome them home?

Herbie has put more effort into school. He was excited to bring home an "Excelente" in Geography, which I was not aware was possible. Herbie says it means 100%. He also put more effort into his school drawing assignment than I've ever seen him put into drawing.

We were in Caldas for lunch. Burger King seemed to be the quickest, safest, most popular option.
Woo: I guess we’re going to Burger King.
Herbie: YES!! I’m getting a salad!
Herbie's "backwards" carrot.

Moses is so excited about me planning a house. He was constantly thinking about it, and had some good suggestions for me. Houses are something he's always been interested in. Then he had a horrible thought: What if it never gets built? He was distraught, until I told him he could pray about it. He did, and got an answer that gave him peace: "It will be built, but not really soon, so you don't have to worry about it all the time."

Since then, I've noticed an interesting thing. Whenever I show the kids something, and a kid will show concern with some idea I've had, Moses will always speak up with a smile on his face. "No, no, it's okay."

Linus loves, loves soccer. His favorite position is goalie, and sometimes he says he's the best goalie in the whole school. Other times says he's the only one in the whole school who wants to play goalie. A lot of his excitement for the day ahead depends on whether it's his day to play soccer (the classes rotate days using the soccer court to protect the littlest kids), and he usually comes home and talks about how it went.

He's mad and depressed where someone's gotten in trouble and gotten the whole group kicked off the court for the day, or when they're rained out. In fact, one day I picked him up, and he ran to tell me about a kid crying and they all having to leave the court, and then he collapsed into me and started crying himself, he was so disappointed. But, usually he's had a ball, and he likes to tell me about the awesome saves he's made.

Penelope had her one sick day this week. She took one good nap, and tried to take another, but Archie was home, and he wasn't as quiet as she wanted him to be. Her older brothers thought she was faking it, but what do they know? When a kid would rather lie in bed under a blanket than run to gather around their dad when some sound blares from his phone, they're sick.

It's hard to eat flan when it keeps slipping around on your plate.

Maybe the highlight of my week was when Archie swore. That wasn't the good part. He was getting ready for bed, not being very obedient about it either, and when he was upstairs, and Woo and I were sitting at the table we heard him shout it. There was silence, where we looked at each other and wondered whether we'd really just heard what we'd thought we'd heard. And then we heard Penelope confirm it with, "You just swore, Archie!"

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but all the kids here swear, and in English too. I'm sure he heard it at school even from little preschoolers.

He immediately started crying, I'm sure because he felt horrible. He got his mouth washed out, and then kissing him goodnight, Woo talked to him kindly, trying to help him feel better, while the Holy Ghost whispered to me this was a good time to teach him about repentance. I called it a "practice repentance" because he isn't 8 yet, and I told him he felt so bad because he'd done something wrong, and wouldn't feel better until he repented. But when he did, he would. He'd feel all better.

We discussed what he needed to do, and as part of his prayer, I suggested he ask Heavenly Father if He would forgive him, and then I left for the night. I felt good, knowing I'd done the thing I was supposed to do, and in the morning he happily told me, "He said yes!!" and that it had helped him feel better.

This is the first time we haven't had to drive to Santarém for district conference; we got permission to get it broadcast into our building, which was a lot easier (especially for the adult session). A fun thing about district conferences here is that our visiting authorities all speak English, but with an accent. This weekend was British. Woo and I laughed watching the translator struggle with such words as "knobbles."

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving! I think I would've completely forgotten Thanksgiving, if Woo hadn't reminded us. The weather just doesn't feel right, and there's nothing else here to remind me. That's all I've got.