This is Long and Probably Boring... Sorry!

It seemed like it rained all week, but maybe it was just the last couple of days. The kids were pretty happy playing their new "surf competition" game where they jump around on old cushions and rate each other. A lot of forts were also made. We met some friends in a little forested area, but got rained out.

Archie got what Woo had last week and stayed home from school one day. He read some books and took two naps. It was sweet for me to hear his little snore in the corner.

The day afterwards, he took his turtle toy to school (he takes a toy pretty much everyday), and it happened to be the perfect thing. He was able to play with it during the entire school day and during all activities because, unbeknownst to us, it was Day of the Sea, and once again it looked like we knew what we were doing, when really we had no idea.

Woo convinced Linus that he had a super power--the Gift of the Holy Ghost--that no one else in his whole school had. He left for school excited to use it. However, he's started to get sick and has been pretty grouchy yesterday and today.

Linus went on a field trip this week. It was just around to local sites where he learned a lot of local history, but he found it so interesting, that he came home and told me several stories.

Ruby is growing up. Sometimes she'll say something and then give herself the contention signal, because she immediately recognized it in herself. She announced this week that she no longer has a crush. Because she decided she needs to use her time and energy thinking about more important things--like her school work.

It's Ruby's goal to get straight "muito boms." It's rumored that only one kid in the entire school got straight "muito boms" last year, and that is because the PE (and a few other lighter subjects like art) teachers very rarely give any kid anything other than a "bom." Ruby, however, is one of those rare cases, and now that she's achieved the impossible, she's going for the rest.

Herbie checked out a book Diary of a Wimpy Kid (in Portuguese) that he hasn't read yet. He was so excited to read it, but we had someone over for dinner, and Woo asked him to help our guest get started in family history. Herbie put away his book and got up without complaining. The next morning he started school late, but he did everything he'd already personally committed to do (including some indexing) on his late days before finally reading his book. His back-to-school blessing had good promises for him as he "enthusiastically" does his personal and family history.

Moses has struggled for a few weeks with a bad attitude about a lot of things (almost everything?). Finally, he discovered (revelation) last Saturday that he had stopped singing. And it was true. He used to sing hymns and primary songs every morning as he did the dishes, and at some point he had stopped. He started singing again while doing his morning chore (sweeping), and at other times during the day, and it really has been the ticket for him. He is 100% sweeter, kinder, happier and a better worker.

Penelope has not been sick this week, but she has moved really slowly every morning. We've been late almost every morning because of her. Luckily, it seems almost impossible to be really late here... the bell is rung manually and is often rung late, not to mention that we almost always beat a few of the teachers.

Penelope was excited to have a school conversation revolve around her and the fact that she spends zero time playing games on electronics. Her teacher was pleased (and because she's seen my Facebook posts) told the class all the other things we do instead (although, it's not really that simple... ). Anyway, Penelope felt like a success.

Woo's spent some time learning about Tuvan harmonic singing. He really thinks it's fascinating, but has so far not tried it himself (or suggested a trip to Tuva). He's also thought about buying a better surfboard (his surfing buddy is always encouraging it), but he's overwhelmed by the shear amount of choices and not sure he should buy one. His talk today was on personal revelation and he told us all that this is something that's been bothering him and he's going to pray about it. We'll see how that goes.

This week at breakfast, I realized I'd never written about Woo's breakfast success.  It goes back a few years to when we ate cold cereal every morning for breakfast. This was not the ideal situation because the kids were eating more and more cold cereal, and they wanted to eat it at all times, and it's not that healthy, and it's not that cheap.

We decided to move to a scheduled breakfast, with a different breakfast every day of the week oatmeal, cream of wheat, toast, etc. with one morning cold cereal and another "choice" (which is another word for cold cereal).

That worked okay until we moved here and the food was a little different and several kids started to complain. Suddenly, I was blamed for every one's breakfast unhappiness, which is a situation I really hate, because I am not responsible for anyone's happiness (but my own). I had to throw breakfast back into the hands of the kids, but we also didn't want them to disappear into the bottomless cold cereal pit.

Anyway, Woo came up with the idea that the kids get a box of cereal a week of their choice (from pre-approved selections), and when their box is gone, they come up with some thing else. I think it's really worked well. It's certainly a lot more peaceful for me. That is all.

I continue to work a lot on the house plan. I've set up a pace that I sometimes wonder about, but keep getting answers and encouragement from the Holy Ghost about work, how good it is, and to avoid idleness. I didn't think I was idle before, but I did have a couple minutes here and there to wonder what I could read that would be productive. That isn't happening anymore.

Well, I think I'm finally done. I started out thinking I had nothing to write--turns out I had too much. Hope your week was great!