A Year to Remember

This past year was a year to remember. We’ll forever remember this last year as being a year of highs and lows… and in-betweens.

Throughout the year the number of new children added to our family was zero... leaving the total number of children in the family the same as it was the year before.

No new pets were added, and no old pets were lost. At years end, the total number of pets in the household was still zero.

Sports, politics, religion and trivia were common topics of conversation throughout the year.

We spent time outdoors when the weather was nice, and less time outdoors during inclement weather.

At times laughter filled the air, other times sadness or arguing.

A highlight of the year was visiting a place we had not yet been, where the weather and food were different from the place we normally reside. We took pictures in this new location. Some of them turned out okay.

We also celebrated another wedding anniversary this year, as well as birthdays, and national and local holidays.

Some time was spent reading, eating and sleeping.

… People, places and things!

The father of the family continued to work for the company he worked for previously in exchange for a salary and other benefits.

During non-working hours he relaxed and did other things, such as hobbies, and spent time with family, friends or alone (While occasionally attending to car, yard or house maintenance or repairs).

The mother of the family enjoyed her time at home and added new hobbies, while continuing the old ones. Some required the use of a computer. Others did not. She also spent a great deal of time teaching the children the things they need to know.

The children did age appropriate things and achieved new milestones, while growing approximately one year in age, bringing more age-appropriate things into their lives, and ours. (And losing some of the now age-inappropriate things!)

They each advanced to the next grade level in school. Clothing and shoes were worn-out, lost or outgrown, and new clothing and shoes were acquired.

Their bedrooms were often messy, in spite of several reminders to keep them cleaner. On occasion, they were deep-cleaned without any reminder at all.

Several minor injuries required band-aids and other rudimentary methods of first aid. Trips to an emergency room totaled significantly less than five.

Our oldest child bought a new pink toothbrush for 1€ at a grocery store. 

Our second born lost a tooth—an upper left molar!

One of our two middle children came home crying, frustrated with the recess ladies one Tuesday.

The other middle child lost a blue jacket. (If you have any information as to its whereabouts, please contact him.)

One morning, our youngest child kicked a rock most of the way to school.

Our second youngest child read two or more books, which she enjoyed. And did her homework.

We’re looking forward to the new year with some things being the same, and possibly some things being different. And to using and reusing this update for many years to come.

With love, from our family to yours,


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