Some Stuff and Some Other Stuff

I didn't check one of our phones for pictures last week, and inadvertently forgot to write about Moses' birthday because I didn't see any pictures. Whoops.

Moses turned 11 and he had a good day in that his least favorite classes were cancelled, so he got to play more soccer; he got all the food he requested, and went shopping with half his birthday money. He was patient and long-suffering in that the skateboard he thought he was getting fell through and we had a struggling member of the branch over for his birthday dinner, which mostly just meant we needed to speak Portuguese and we sang Happy Birthday in Portuguese and then English.

As always, it was fun to watch old pictures of Moses. He (and all the kids) were so cute, and still have so many elements of their baby personality. I guess because it really is theirs :).

Herbie loves Moses' birthday because it means his is coming next. He's already started planning everything he wants, and he might even be completely finished.

Possibly the biggest news of the week is that the Lisbon temple has an open house and dedication date. Open house in August, dedication in mid-September.
Herbie: So we're leaving in October?! 
We have started to discuss when we're coming home, but are so far inconclusive.

This is Ruby skyping her cousin downstairs in the garage to not keep anyone else up. She brought home her midterm grades and was very excited because while not every grade was a muito bom, it was pretty close. I think her last two pages were straight muito boms. For midterms there are 4 grades for each class: participation, behavior, homework, and course work.

I'm happy that her grades are reflecting her hard work. Woo is mostly concerned that she's learning things; I'm mostly concerned that she's doing her best; I wasn't sure that her grades would reflect that here, but it looks like they are.

Moses and Linus came up with a new game that has been very popular and taken up almost all of the kids free time: World Cup foosball. They have a sheaf of papers for keeping score and run upstairs to the foosball table yelling things like: I'm Spain! I'm Bulgaria!

The kids were home Monday through Wednesday for Carnaval. We took it easy, doing our own thing around home. Most of us have been a tiny bit sick. Linus was sick enough to stay home the first day back. He made this top hat after flipping through his magic kit.

One day at the park a school friend of Penelope's came over with some party horns--the kind that uncoil and fill with air when you blow into them. He offered one to Penelope and she said, "You know these aren't for playing... they're for people with asthma!"

When did the International Women's Day become a thing? (Or is it still not a thing, but the Portuguese think it is--I've been told by far too many of them that everywhere in the world celebrates Carnaval...)

Anyway, Woo talked about it all day, saying a lot of words like "solidarity" and "enabling," which he ended up changing to "empowering."

He saw a special exercise challenge on his watch for International Women's Day, so we went on a bike ride together (where we found this man-eating plant), however it didn't count for either of us because my watch didn't log our distance and we discovered too late that it was supposed to be a "walk, run or wheelchair" not a bike ride, and now it's as if we don't even care about women.

Several weeks ago I was inspired to read the kids that one poem about the three kids who all say they love their mother and two of them are generally pains-in-the-rear, but the last one, Fan, is genuinely helpful. It made an impression on all of them, and they asked me to read it several times, and sometimes still request it, but Penelope has really taken it to heart. She really wants to be that Fan, and although she's not perfect (sometimes she's tired or cranky), she's definitely trying to be as close to a real life Fan as possible. I can rely on her.

Archie had some bad dreams a couple a weeks ago, possibly because of being a little sick?? Anyway, his solution has been to not go to sleep for as long as possible. It doesn't bother us at night, because he lies quietly in his bed with his eyes open, but during the day he has a hard time staying on task, and has his feelings hurt by the other kids very easily. There's been a lot of running to me, bawling and shouting, "They're so rude!"

Well, that's all I have. Hope your week was great!