Purchases and Failed Purchases

I sent my last plan to Josey this week, and I had a vague idea of taking a few day off... maybe going for an extra long run or reading a book. Instead I spent two days getting a headache, trying to make a trip to Switzerland work.

Switzerland is amazingly beautiful, but it isn't my first choice only because I've been there a few times already--I wanted to see somewhere new. But on one morning run I realized that, like so many things about our lives here, it's not about me or what I want, its about others. There are people there we should visit.

We already had a temple trip planned for the end of the week. Flights out of Madrid were cheaper and shorter. I could easily find 4 people to visit (1-2 still elusive). However, that was the only thing going for us. Switzerland does not loan itself to seat-of-the-pants, last-minute, spontaneous visits. It seems our choices were to spend thousands of dollars or dozens of hours in trains. Woo helped me search the last morning, but we just couldn't make it work this week. It will have to wait for another time.

The good news, was that after all that stress and imagining ourselves flying and traveling and watching conference in another ward or airbnb, our trip to the temple seemed amazingly simple. There was some crankiness at the end, and the kids spent very little time outside because it was rainy and cold. Woo did try to take them to the park once, but Archie got scraped in a fence almost immediately and Herbie and Moses were upset that their brand new shoes (that they're finally determined to take care of) got some mud on them.

On arriving home and getting the kids in bed, I was kind of exasperated about that last part. Then Woo reminded me that the kids had just driven 6 hours, spent a day and a half in our 2 room hostel, watching the same church movies they always watch at the temple, without any park time, then drove 6 hours back home. Looking at in that light, they did amazingly well.

Woo, however, was exhausted. He baptized Ruby and Herbie about 350 times in a row Friday morning, filling in all his watch's exercise rings. Also, he made it possible for us to listen to the first session of conference on the drive home, when I thought it was going to be impossible.

Linus is always a big help when we go to the temple. When we eat dinner in the cafeteria, he loves to come early to help me prepare the food and set the table in the dining room. (Ruby also always helps with this too.) He loves to vacuum when we leave our room, throw all the sheets into the bin, and run the garbages down to the dumpster in the garage. He always meets people on these excursions. One of the janitors considers Linus to be his special friend because of this, and this time Linus met an American boy about his age, living with his family in Spain (I think Zaragoza) for a couple years. Although, Moses and his lightning sprint across the garage is what I think first attracted this family's attention.

Because I'd been more concerned about going to Switzerland, I was not completely prepared for a trip to Madrid. I downloaded an audiobook seconds before walking out the door. Luckily, I quickly found a Rangers Apprentice available in the library that Ruby, Herbie, Moses and Linus really enjoyed. 

Penelope has been collecting stars and more stars from doing all her chores and good behavior. I thought she was just going to go on collecting them forever, but she finally cashed in 200 stars for an unopened robot that Woo had sitting in the closet. Woo spent some time helping her put it together while Penelope deciphered the Spanish instructions, and she's had some fun with that this week. And made Archie wish he had a robot.

Well, that's all for this week. I hope you are enjoying conference!