Quietest Spring Break Ever?

The kids had school off for Spring Break, but we stayed home. I don't know if it was because it was overcast and rainy or because we had no big plans or because we needed a break, but Woo and I were tired a lot of the week.

Many of the kids (Herbie, Moses and Linus) coming fresh off a trip to Spain were frustrated with our slow pace at first.

Others (Ruby) acted like they'd been waiting ages and ages for the chance to organize their school binder, and now finally had the time.

I also refused to let the kids watch a movie. They'd already watched more than enough when we were at the temple, and I knew it would do nothing to help those kids who thought there was nothing to do. It would, in fact, make their situation worse.

On about day two, Moses made it a matter of prayer. He came up with some game involving their matchbox cars and a piece of cardboard that intrigued all the kids (but Ruby) for entire days the rest of the week.

Once during a lunch break Moses said, "Mom! I love revelation!" He was so eager to get back to their game and so grateful that he'd prayed about finding something entertaining to do.

Penelope and Archie continue to be special friends. They'll often break off from the rest of the group to play their own game. They are always entertained whenever the other is there, and have been very pleasant and helpful to have all day at home.

Towards the end of the week, we did start to move around some. To local skateparks, mostly. Moses got a new bike with the rest of his birthday money. He didn't care that it was girls bike, he was just looking at the size. He had a ton of fun with it at the skatepark, and even Ruby, who stole it for a couple of minutes, couldn't deny that riding it around in the skatepark had been a lot of fun. Now she also wants a BMX type bike.

Herbie started to be able to not only drop into a bowl, but also ride up the opposite side, rest the truck on the top, drop in again, head for the next side...

Linus rode up and down grades while standing up for the first time.

But Woo was the indisputable star of the skatepark.

Woo and I met with teachers for most of the kids this week. They are all doing well, and thankfully these mid-year meetings are a lot shorter and less painful than the start-of-year teacher meetings.

I let Ruby trim my hair and I read biographies on Washington and Lincoln, which has been a little treat for me. I love so many of the stories of them that reflect their humility and good character, and I've shared some with the kids. I wish the Lincoln book I'm reading had more about Mary Todd in it, but I've already found more respect for her in this book than I knew I had.

I think that's it for the week. Hope your week was great!

Testimony Below:

Last night I was reading Elder Uchtdorf’s conference talk when he quoted D&C 64:34.
“Behold, the Lord requireth the heart and a willing mind; and the willing and obedient shall eat the good of the land of Zion in these last days.” 
This seemed significant to me because earlier in the week I remembered a woman who had told me that after the birth of her last child she had told her Heavenly Father that she would definitely NOT have any more children.

Although it may have been true that this woman's family was complete, and probably it was, her story still made me sad because she did not have a willing mind.

I know that while we may be obedient in many things, we should not tell God we can’t or won’t or don’t want to do other things.

If we humble ourselves, we can ask for His help to do the things that appear impossible to us. That is what the Lord means by the heart and a willing mind.

I do know that our Heavenly Father does send us strength when we tell Him we don’t know how we can do a thing, but that we are willing. He has given me this strength many times. And He has helped me to do many good things that I did not want to do or didn’t think I could do. But I also could be better.

All He needs from us is our heart and this willing attitude. He can do all the rest to bless us and work miracles.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Ontem à noite eu estava a ler o discurso da conferência do Élder Uchtdorf quando ele citou D & C 64:34.
“Eis que o Senhor requer o coração e uma mente solícita; e os que são solícitos e obedientes comerão do bem da terra de Sião nestes últimos dias”. 
Isso pareceu importante para mim porque no início da semana eu lembrava me de uma mulher que me disse que, depois do nascimento de seu último filho, que ela disse ao Pai Celestial que ela definitivamente não teria mais filhos.

Embora pode ser verdade que sua família estava completa, a história dessa mulher deixou me triste porque ela não tinha uma mente solícita.

Eu sei que, embora estamos obedientes em muitas coisas, não dizemos a Deus que não podemos ou não fazemos outras coisas.

Se nos humilharmos, podemos pedir ao Pai Celestial por ajuda a fazer as coisas que parecem impossíveis para nós. Isso é o que o Senhor quer dizer com o coração e uma mente solícita.

Eu sei que nosso Pai Celestial envia nos força quando dizemos a Ele que não sabemos como podemos fazer algo, mas que estamos solícitas. Ele deu me essa força muitas, muitas vezes. E Ele ajudou me a fazer muitas coisas boas que eu não queria fazer ou não achava que pudesse fazer. E eu também posso ser melhor.

Tudo o que o Pai Celestial precisa de nós é o nosso coração e essa atitude de vontade. Ele pode fazer todo o resto para nos abençoar e fazer milagres.

Em nome de Jesus Cristo. Amém.