This has been kind of a weird week for Woo and I. I think it was okay for the kids, but the surfing has been bad for several days (a couple weeks?), and Woo has struggled to find things to do with that time he normally dedicates to doing something fun. Also, lots of allergies--cats, cottonwood trees, and who knows what else.

He was desperate to get out and do something fun as a family on Saturday. I suggested we visit a town we hadn't seen before with a castle and an old monastery, which we decided on only because it was the best idea we had.
Me (to the kids): Okay, hurry and eat lunch and get ready to go! 
Kids: Where are we going? 
Me: Alcobaça. 
Kids: Why? 
Me (on a whim, hoping to avoid complaints): To visit their skatepark.

And the kids reacted with many cheers, lots of excitement and jumping up and down. And then I had to go look and make sure Alcobaça really did have a skatepark, which luckily they did--built within the last year.

And that is how we got the kids out of the house without any complaining... because once you've seen a giant cathedral or monastery they're all the same (semi-truth), but a new skatepark??... that's excitement!

Plus, Linus can't even say monastery.
Linus: 8 more minutes to the mom-aterium!

The real miracle, was that not even Ruby, who hates to leave the house on Saturday, complained either. She seemed to have decided to have a good attitude, had fun at the castle, pointed out interesting things on the drive, and discovered that she really enjoys long boarding.

This park had a nice, long, winding loop that she and Woo skated a few times together. On the way home, she even thanked Woo and I for taking her on an adventure, buying dinner (we stopped at Burger King after a failed attempt at a Chinese buffet), etc.

What a difference a good attitude makes!

This park was really a lot of fun. The only downside was the cottonwood trees near the skatepark that were torture for Herbie and Woo. They had matching swollen right eyes last night and today in church.

It isn't fun for the kids when they get stung or swollen or are generally feeling less than well, but I kind of like it for selfish reasons. This isn't the best picture of swollen Herbie, but I think his little sad, swollen face is very cute and he's been sitting close to me at every chance and held my hand to and from church today, as if he feels that just being near me is comforting.

He also found out this morning that he had a talk in Sacrament meeting. I told him it was great preparation for a mission (or life, really) to be able to give a talk with little to no preparation and he came up with something very quickly and did a great job.

Speaking of stepping up with no preparation... the district president came to our branch today and as primary started, asked if he could speak to Woo and I (for 2 minutes only). Woo was about to grab Ruby to come and substitute, but Moses swore he could do it. In fact, he really wanted to. So we let him.

35 minutes later, Moses had run singing time with 5 other kids, led them in our scripture, prayer, and had Archie give his talk. The other kids all had a lot of fun, and said that Moses had been the best teacher ever, and I'm sure that he was. He told me of all the things he'd done to keep class control and how he'd stopped arguments, etc.

Sorry if I've mentioned this before, but Penelope's soccer skills have improved quite a bit since we moved here. Before, she had virtually none. Now, she can play with her brothers. It's still not her very favorite thing, but she enjoys it, and there's really nothing else to do for recess here (the school yard is really sparse).

Anyway, this week she had a new and confusing experience where she made a block that everyone on her team thought was so awesome that they all ran and hugged her and smiled and yelled and all sorts shows of approval and excitement that Penelope found strange.

Linus's school day still revolves around how well the soccer game at recess went. He has distinguished himself as the kid who never gets hurt. When Linus falls to the ground or heads a soccer ball, he just jumps up and keeps playing as if nothing has happened, while apparently his schoolmates roll around on the ground or rub their foreheads as if there's no way they'll be able to go on.

Doing headers is his new favorite thing. He says he's the best header in the school, and he's started leaving the goalie box so he can make a few goals by tapping them in with his forehead. This week he was super excited to be the end of a triple header that resulted in another goal.

Our new family Book of Mormon study is still going well. We've had to make a few tweaks. For example, we've found that Archie listens and behaves much better if he is not sitting near me. However, he always stands up several times to walk across the room and give me a hug. Usually when I am talking.
Woo: Do you think Archie gets up and gives you a hug whenever he feels the Spirit?
Me: I don't know. Or just whenever he hears me and remembers that I exist?

My week was weird because I finished one project, wasn't sure what to work on next, and was having a hard time getting revelation about anything. It was really confusing and disorienting. At one point, for about 4 hours, I even thought that moving to Provo was the next best step for our family... and we all know how ludicrous that would be!

Finally, one day, I just took a nap. And then another, and then I remembered that I'd stayed up late Saturday night reading a book, and I'd probably never recovered... Whenever this happens to me I always think, why didn't Heavenly Father just tell me to take a nap? or tell me I was too tired to get anything? But maybe it's because I've never been asking that question specifically, or maybe I'm too tired to get even that.

But it's not true that I don't get anything. I do get revelation when tired, but it's vague and hard to understand and I usually don't recognize it until a day or two afterwards, after thinking about it for awhile. Anyway, we're not moving to Provo. Unless something somewhere really changes :).

And that's our week. Hope yours was great!