In Which We Keep On Keeping On

Last week Archie got a flyer for a bunch of pirate themed things in town this weekend. We had seen an old, pirate type ship in the harbor last year, and figured that's what it had been all about. We all thought it would be worth checking out, but Archie was so, so excited. He talked constantly about the "pirate party," picked out a pirate outfit several days ahead of time and asked me to paint his face.

He got himself all ready; I painted his face; Moses, Linus and Penelope requested a mustache as well... when we discovered that the flyer failed to say where the pirate festivities were taking place. Nothing online helped us either.

Ruby thought it was, "somewhere near the church," so we got on our bicycles and did find it somewhere near the church.

A small group of people vaguely dressed as if they lived in the 15th century made some loud noises out of cannons and walked somewhat purposefully in the same direction to convey a battle, I suppose.

It was not exciting for Woo and I. Ruby, Herbie, Moses, Linus and Penelope were interested, but Archie HATED it! He cried and begged and wanted to be taken home. Now! Because of the cannons. He hates loud noises, and these weren't even that loud or that frequent, but they were too much for Archie.

We went for a bit more of a bike ride and then dropped off the bikes to get a wallet and eat at a restaurant for my birthday and Mothers Day which are the same day here. Woo's back hurt a lot, but he walked to and from there with out a complaint.
Linus: Mom, where do pirates get their treasure maps?  
Archie (impatiently): They just get a piece of paper, crumple it up, and draw it!
Woo has been interviewing and measuring kids this week because we failed to do it in January. Ruby was so thrilled to learn that she's now 5'4". Ruby spent a lot of time working on a power point of her report on the American Revolution. It looks like it's turning out well.

I've spent time this week planning our summer. I held a family council and personal interviews with each of the kids to discover their preferences, present opportunities we thought we could offer, etc. As usual, the kids are so, so excited about this. They wanted to start on Saturday, but I'm not going to be ready. It's going to take a bit of work to get basically a curriculum for each of them ready.

Herbie expressed a desire to learn Spanish, piano and how to draw better. As soon as I finished talking to him, he got out a Spanish section of a workbook and started working on it, and he's been borrowing Ruby's keyboard to play for the first time. It's as if he didn't know he could do all those things until we talked, but now he can't wait.

All the kids wanted to improve their art skills in one way or another. I got them each a sketchbook and wrote a prompt on each page, depending on what they said they wanted to learn. Moses is so excited for this. He had a giant smile on his face flipping through his sketchbook and reading everything he was going to get to draw on the pages.

Linus started his swimming unit this week. He jumped in the water and impressed his friends so much that when he stood next to them one of them told the other that Linus had swimming every day. He was pretty pleased with that.

Penelope continues to be very selfless in primary. She gives any pompoms she earns to Archie or sometimes to Linus. Penelope has been trying to hug me almost constantly today to commemorate Mothers Day and my birthday. She would've kissed my face all day too, but I can't sit next to her all day.

Something was wrong with the van and Woo made some attempts at fixing it, but nothing conclusive. Finally, the branch president convinced him that he needed to take the van in. This was the last thing Woo wanted to do. He has a deep (and I mean very deep) distrust of auto mechanics in the first place. In the second place, he was convinced it would take forever, cost thousands and still not be fixed.

Anyway, he did take it in this week. When they took his key, his registration, his number and did not hand him a receipt or anything, all his fears appeared to be confirmed.

But then they called an hour or so later, saying the van would be finished that evening and only cost 200€. It was as they said, but Woo is reserving judgement until he's driven the van for awhile and is convinced it really is fixed.

As a special treat to myself for my birthday, I'm going to leave all the pictures here at the bottom in no special order and finish this post now.

Well, I think that's it. Hope your week is great!

Testimony Below:
For a few years the Holy Ghost has told me that the best thing I could do with my extra spending money is to give it as fast offerings.

And I have, and usually it’s been easy, especially since we moved to Portugal and I haven’t wanted to accumulate extra stuff, but this month I thought that there might be some other things I could buy that would also, possibly, be good for my family.

So I prayed about it, but no, the best thing for me right now is still to give it as fast offerings.

I actually love to pay fast offerings and I feel it is a privilege and a token of my love for Heavenly Father. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Por alguns anos, o Espírito Santo disse me que a melhor coisa que eu poderia fazer com meu dinheiro extra é dar as ofertas de jejum.

E eu faço, e normalmente é fácil de fazer, mas este mês eu pensei que eu poderia comprar outras coisas que talvez também seja bom para minha família.

Então eu orei sobre isso, mas não, a melhor coisa para mim ainda é dar o dinheiro como ofertas de jejum.

Eu realmente amo pagar as ofertas de jejum e sinto me que é um privilégio e um sinal do meu amor pelo meu Pai Celestial. Em nome de Jesus Cristo. Amém.