Blissfully Quiet Week

I can hardly remember a thing from this week. We were pretty low key, not doing anything out of the ordinary.

Woo took all kids skating in pairs at some point during the week for a modified Daddy Day. Herbie and Linus were the first to go the morning Linus gets out of school early.

Archie was telling me about his wonderful day at school until he said, "Where's Liney?"
"He went to the skatepark with Dad."
And suddenly Archie's morning wasn't good enough and he cried the rest of the way home.

He got his chance a couple days later with Moses, and both Penelope and Ruby also wanted to go skating. They went on the trail on Saturday.

In 2012 I started a blog and all my emails are on it. It's very handy to have them in one place because the kids like to read them on Sunday afternoon.

But I started writing emails in 2008... there are many emails previously unknown to the kids... So this week I worked to get them all up on the blog too.

It brought back all sorts of memories for me, and the kids now are meeting the 4 year old Ruby, 2 year old Herbie and baby Moses they had previously not know. Also included are the births of Linus and Penelope.

Woo spent some time researching Pig Latin in different languages and its historical use. He taught Penelope how to say her name in Lingua de Pé, the Portuguese version. It's pretty complicated.

Archie spent an afternoon working very hard on this car drawing.
"Mom, is this the best drawing in the whole entire world?!"

Moses is a in testing year here in Portugal. He's had a few big tests the last couple weeks where he goes to school at a different time and has to take ID. We always say a prayer for his ID, as well as for his test. So far, so good.

He did accidentally leave his coat lying somewhere on a different day, and prayed pretty much constantly from the second he recognized it was gone, until he ran back to it. It was still there. This is the kid who lost 3-4 coats in the first month or two of school.

We didn't go anywhere Saturday. Woo took a nap. Ruby finally got all the reading in that she's always wanting (I think!). The kids played soccer with the Elders in the morning.

Herbie often loses his temper and argues a lot, but this time he said he prayed that he wouldn't, and he didn't. Afterwards he said a thank you prayer.

Linus, instead, came home early in an outrage after arguing with Ruby.

Linus (singing I Know That My Savior Loves Me after scriptures): I'm feeling the Holy Ghost, Mom!

Linus gave a talk in Primary today and then he wanted to do an activity as part of it, which was basically one of the suggested lesson prompts, and he took up all the time. It was nice to have a break.

Archie is now registered for 1st grade. Also he can tie his shoes very, very well! Ruby went through it once with him, and he had it. He now likes to tie all the shoes of his friends at school when they come undone.

Penelope's come home a few times with treats from kids having a birthday (She and Linus say most of their class has birthdays in June) and has been very good at sharing them with everyone.

Woo only went surfing once this week. He's feeling fat.

Woo was amused with these "American Way" jelly beans that spell flavor like the British.

And that's probably all I've got for you this week. Hope your week was great!

I gave a very basic testimony today. Here's my district conference talk instead.

Several years ago the Holy Ghost clearly told me that I needed to be a Captain Moroni to my family. I was the one who needed to prepare them for battle. I was the one who was to lead them through many of their first battles.

I carefully studied everything Captain Moroni did and thought about how I could do this with my own little army, my family.

I learned that Captain Moroni inspired his army with the most basic, the most important things. I understood that to mean that I must make the most basic, the most important parts of the Gospel very, very clear to my family. They needed to know in everything I did that these were the most important things to me.

Captain Moroni built up dirt fortifications around his cities, shovelful by shovelful. I understood that to mean that our family must add shovelfuls to our fortifications by reading scriptures as a family every day and praying and attending church and bearing testimonies and attending the temple, and that we would need A LOT of shovelfuls to build a tall, strong, secure wall.

And then I read this interesting scripture in Alma 49:8
But behold, to their (the Lamanites) uttermost astonishment, they (the Nephites) were prepared for them, in a manner which never had been known among the children of Lehi. Now they (the Nephites) were prepared for the Lamanites, to battle after the manner of the instructions of Moroni. 
When Steven and I first became parents, I think we both imagined we would parent like our own parents; however, the Spirit and the circumstances of our own time have led us do things neither of our parents ever did.

When I read this scripture in Alma, I read:
But behold, to their (the forces of Satan) uttermost astonishment, they (our family) were prepared for them, in a manner which never had been known among the [family of my husband or my family]. Now they were prepared for [Satan], to battle after the manner of the instructions of [Chelsey].
This is a serious responsibility. The night before we first started our home study of Come Follow Me, I read this scripture in Matthew 10:41
He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward; 
This was the Holy Ghost telling me that as our family followed the prophet’s counsel by doing the family home study, we would receive the prophet’s reward.

President Russell M Nelson is the Captain Moroni of the church, in fact to the entire world. He is instructing us to do things that may have never been done before in our families, but when done many, many times have the power to shield us and our families from the strengthening attacks of Satan.

During the past five months, our family has been building the foundation of this shield, and I can see and I know it is working.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Vários anos atrás, o Espírito Santo disse me claramente que eu precisava ser um capitão Morôni para minha família. Eu sou a pessoa que precisa prepará-los para a batalha. Eu sou a pessoa que os guiará em muitas de suas primeiras batalhas.

Eu estudei cuidadosamente tudo o que o capitão Moroni fez e pensei como eu poderia também fazer estas coisas com meu próprio pequeno exército, minha família.

Aprendi que o capitão Morôni inspirou seu exército com as coisas mais básicas e mais importantes. Eu entendi que isso significa que eu devo falar muito claro para minha família sobre as coisas mais básicas e mais importantes do Evangelho de Jesus Cristo. Eles precisavam saber que em tudo que eu fiz que essas coisas eram as mais importantes para mim.

O capitão Morôni construiu fortificações de terra ao redor de suas cidades, e seus homens construíram as fortificações com uma pá cheia após a outra.

Eu entendi que isso significa que cada vez que lemos as escrituras em família, oramos, prestamos testemunho, assistamos o templo ou fazemos história familiar que estamos colocando outra pá cheia em nossa fortificação e que precisamos de muitas, muitas, muitas pás cheias para construir uma alta, forte parede segura.

E também eu li essa interessante escritura que fica em Alma 49: 8
Mas eis que, para sua (os lamanitas) total surpresa, eles (os nefitas) estavam preparados para recebê-los de uma forma nunca antes vista entre os filhos de Leí. Ora, (os nefitas) estavam preparados para os lamanitas, para combater segundo as instruções de Morôni. 
Quando Steven e eu nos tornamos pais pela primeira vez, acho que imaginávamos que seríamos pais como nossos pais; mas o Espírito e as circunstâncias de nossa época guiaram nos a fazer coisas que nenhum de nossos pais jamais fez.

Quando eu leio essa escritura em Alma 49, eu leio:
Mas eis que, para sua (as forças de Satanás) total surpresa, eles (nossa família) estavam preparados para recebê-los de uma forma nunca antes vista entre [a família do meu merido ou minha família]. Ora, (nossa família) estavam preparados para [Satanás], para combater segundo as instruções de [Chelsey (eu—porque sou o capitão)] 
Esse é uma responsabilidade muita séria. Na noite antes à primeira vez que começamos nosso estudo em casa de Vem, e Segue-Me, li esta escritura que fica em Mateus 10:41
Quem recebe um profeta em qualidade de profeta, receberá galardão de profeta; 
Este foi o Espírito Santo dizendo me que, quando nossa família seguiu o conselho do profeta, em este estudo em casa, receberíamos o galardão do profeta.

O Presidente Russell M Nelson é o capitão Morôni da igreja, na verdade para o mundo inteiro. Ele instrui nos a fazer coisas que nunca foram feitas antes em nossas famílias, mas quando realizadas muitas, muitas vezes têm o poder de proteger a nós e a nossas famílias dos ataques de Satanás.

Nos últimos cinco meses, nossa família construiu a base dessa parede, e eu sei que está funcionando. 

Em nome de Jesus Cristo. Amém.