Summer Fun

Woo has decided that he's fat. He and I were weighing the same for awhile, which is odd. I've usually eclipsed him this late in a pregnancy. So he's been "dieting," and riding his bike every day and taking 10m swims in the lake. I think he's down about 6lbs and already talking about ice cream again.

One thing he decided to do was race in the Mt. Ogden weekly mountain bike race series at Snow Basin. There's nothing like a race to remind you how out of shape you are.

Before the race he was quite optimistic ... I don't think he realized that doing a race for your first mountain bike ride of the season (on top of not having raced in 15 years) is not exactly a recipe for success. He thanked me later for not telling him before the race how terrible it was going to be, and I'm glad that he's going to stick with it throughout the summer. I'm sure he'll get better.

Herbie, of course, wants to mountain bike too. On family bike rides he likes to ride on the side of the road in the dirt and grass and try to bunny hop. Not easy with a heavy bike and no toe clips, but he's getting better. He likes to do what he calls "smoothes" in the gravel patch in our front yard (hitting his brake and skidding his back tire).

He'll do those over and over again, and ask me every time how high the dirt and rocks went. And, of course, he still enjoys "skips" (jumps). We've started to call them smoothes and skips too, but it doesn't seem like he likes that, "I call them smoothes. You can call them something else."

Ruby has all the symptoms of a kid not getting enough sleep: moody, always bored, arguing with us about every. little. thing. and (her personal weaknesses) lying almost automatically to every question we ask her and sneaking stuff.

I don't actually know when she's getting up, but I'm pretty sure that she's getting up with the sun (or maybe it's the birds since her room's pretty dark). I'm grateful that she's been finding quiet things to do and has let the other kids sleep, but I'm really waiting for her to crash, and start sleeping in later herself.

This morning while getting Linus' church clothes I found that she'd snuck one of my paring knives and a mango upstairs, had successfully eaten about half of it, and then shoved the rest, and the peel under her bed. I can barely keep from slicing my own hand while cutting a mango. Today was definitely the worst day, so I'm hoping the end is soon. Very soon. 

Linus continues to make progress on the walking front, without actually becoming a walker. He's capable of probably 10-15 steps at a time, and occasionally is in the mood to practice, but most of the time he would just rather crawl real fast. Whenever he makes a big leap forward, and we all get excited for him, he gets so excited and laughs so much that he can't recreate it. Other days, he's just not in the mood. We tried all day today to get him to do something, and the most he gave us was about 3 steps, while ignoring us most of the time.

I forgot to order Bountiful Baskets last week, and we had a salad free week. Moses was glad; although, I certainly missed it. He told me almost every night, "This is a yum dinner, Mom! I like this dinner! You should make this dinner again!"

Of course that ended when we had Thai beef waterfall salad last night, and he only finished it with Woo's help. But, he surprisingly liked the tomatillo salsa I made today, commenting a couple of times on its lack of purple race car onions. Of course, we didn't mention the other type of onion in it, and he was just fine.

I had a bunch of signs of pre-labor Thursday night/Friday morning, but they've ended, and I've had nothing since. So, I guess I'll go back to my earlier expectation of having a baby in 2-3 more weeks. The good news is that I got myself entirely ready for the baby to come. The bedroom and our bathroom are entirely cleaned out and free of tools and anything that doesn't belong there, baby birthing stuff collected and at hand, etc. The only thing that would be nice, is to get some grocery shopping done, but since I probably have plenty of time, I'm sure that will get taken care of.

Anyway, I'll talk to you all later. I hope you are enjoying your summer!