The Best Day Ever (Penelope's Title Suggestion)

For his 40th birthday, Woo got to baptize his 5th child. For her 8th birthday, Penelope got to be baptized by her dad.

Penelope has been very excited for this for awhile, and I know she's been preparing by practicing repentance and praying to be prepared and reading her scriptures and praying for years to be more like Jesus.

Woo and I went for a bike ride the night before to scout beaches and see where the tide would be. One beach we'd thought of was blocked off by huge tents for the city's biggest summer festival (The Sardine Festival), so we quickly ruled that one out.

The second is in a busy part of town, but is kind of hidden because it is so small and the steps down are tucked away. There were stands for treats and games--sort of a carnival atmosphere--at the top of the stairs, but the little inlet down was fine. We decided it would work.

We also scheduled the baptism for 9:30am which is pretty early for much to be going on in Portugal. We figured that area would be dead when we needed it to be, and it was.

We had several kind guests that Penelope invited.

There were a few kids besides ours, but all was quiet when Woo preformed the baptism. We could clearly hear him. The same thing happened when he gave Penelope the gift of the Holy Ghost (in English). When he said the words, "I say unto you, receive the Holy Ghost," Penelope had a visible reaction with a little jump and a smile.

Penelope asked Ruby to play the piano and Ruby went to the church a couple times to practice until she thought she had it. And it did sound good... when it was just her practicing. But she got nervous in front of other people and also struggled to stay with the congregation. So accompaniment is something she's still working up to, but I'm sure she'll get it eventually.

She was a good sport at any rate, did her best, did not give up, and was not embarrassed.

Herbie was excited to make brownies for the baptism and even made a special trip to the store for more cocoa. One little lady in our branch, who is the type to hardly eat anything at these things, looooooved them! She was so delighted, I didn't see her eat anything else, but she'd sneak back to the brownies again and again to load a couple more on her plate.

Moses sang in the musical number (with Penelope and a good sport of an Elder). Moses sang loudly and clearly and probably carried the song himself, with some help here and there from Penelope. He also sat by Archie's friend and helped him stay quiet through the meeting.

Linus gave a talk on the Holy Ghost that he prayed about and prepared himself (of course... I don't do anything other than a reminder for anyone anymore). He shared a short story about a time when he went to bed mad and tried to get revelation, but didn't get anything. He realized he needed to repent of his anger, and when he did, he was able to feel the Holy Ghost again and get revelation.

He made Woo this pop-out birthday card with the instructions written bigger than the message.

Archie was given some time for a testimony. Penelope wanted to make sure everyone had a job (I said a prayer, and Herbie led the music). Archie was excited to do it, and got revelation one morning at scriptures to talk about Jesus being baptized and how he (Archie) wanted to be baptized. I was a little afraid that with his friend there he would stand up and try to be funny, but he did not.

And Penelope also stood up at the end and gave her own sweet testimony that she also had prayed about earlier.

And here's Woo doing his best used-car-salesman impression.

That's probably enough for this week. Hope your week was great!