First Week Back

We did make it home safely. The whole thing was easier than I thought it was going to be. We are adjusting, but it hasn't been horrible. The kids are older, and they are also trying to be good.

I have just a couple things from the weeks earlier.
Ruby (from nowhere and loudly, into the silence of an entire plane waiting to deboard): So wait Mom, is there a difference between uncircumcised and circumcised!? 
Me (as quietly as possible): This really isn't the best place for that question, Ruby.
Ruby (nodding): Okay.
And it must not have been that burning of a question, because she never asked again.

Archie (walking past yet another group of massage chairs): Those are electric chairs.
Also the kids laughed and laughed at every semi truck we saw on the freeway. In Europe the engines are under the driver, so the front of the truck is completely flat. In the US, most semis have the engine in front, sticking out like the nose of a dog. To them the US trucks now look absurdly funny.

My severely cracked and barely-skipping-along phone completely died on the last flight over. Woo's phone, that died on the flight to Utah, was fixed with a new SIM card, so I got the new phone. That first morning, I went out and bought a phone case for the first time--the sturdiest, most accident proof case I could find. So far, so good.

Woo also woke that first morning back unable to breathe. The asthma that had gone away in the US was back. Other than my short shopping trip, I spent the first day completely clearing out our bedroom, closet and bathroom and disinfecting every surface.

There was mold in the few things we had (of necessity) left in the laundry basket while we were gone (not in our room). Some of those things were ruined permanently... that day was also overcast and cold, and all the smells here (fish factories, the ocean, mustiness, etc.) that we had forgotten or grown used to were back.

One thing that was stressful to Ruby, Moses and Herbie was that they had library books they thought were due while we were in Utah. I was not worried because I know that late books here are no concern. The kids, however, still have a US mindset in this thing.

They set out as soon as possible to the library, but it was closed. And the day after that. And the day after that. It was not open because we returned the week of Peniche's annual celebration. There was loud music until 3 or 4am? every night. Also fireworks most nights. It was really the perfect week for us, though. We were tired enough to sleep right through it, except a couple times when the fireworks coincided with one of our wake-ups where it felt like the middle of the day.

The kids did finally make it to the library, and I had bought several books at the DI immediately before heading to the airport, so there has been a lot of reading here. Penelope has diligently worked her way through a book I found that I'd enjoyed as a tween.

Legos have also been used heavily, especially by Moses, Linus and Archie. These quiet activities and also our summer schedule have helped us to adjust, I think.

Woo took Ruby, Herbie and Moses to a youth dance about an hour away. They ate party food and had a lot of fun. Linus, Penelope, Archie and I ate popcorn and greek yoghurt for dinner, then read Harry Potter after scriptures until bed. We also had fun. My kind of fun.

We have one more week of normal and then the temple open house starts. We are going to be helping almost everyday. Ruby and Herbie will be helping with booties. Woo and I will be guides. I was surprised. I was thinking more of like directing parking or standing in a corner occasionally shushing chatter... something along those lines.

And I think I am finally done. I hope you all had a great week!

And here's my testimony from last week. I have a talk from a couple weeks ago I haven't done anything with yet either. But here's the testimony: 

I love the temple and I know it is the house of the Lord. Before we moved to Portugal, we attended the temple every week.

I miss the temple. And since I have already received a family, the greatest desire of my heart has been to live across the street from a temple to attend the temple many times a week. But the Lord has told me that this will not happen for many, many years.

Still, I am excited for there to be a temple in Portugal. It will be much nearer than Madrid and I know that all of Portugal will be blessed.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.