Well... this week was not as exciting as last. There was a steady flow of Portuguese people, but not many English speakers on the extra week of the open house.

We took our own kids through twice and Ruby and Herbie were busy helping. Ruby was a guide for a Portuguese tour (after someone printed her an official-looking name tag on a day when youth volunteer tags were all being used).

Herbie wanted one too, but never got one. He did get a new job where he was stationed at the Celestial room and got to open and close the giant doors for tours entering and leaving. On one of our tours with the younger kids, I looked around and it was everyone in our family (except Ruby), and only our family, sitting in the Celestial room.

Ruby later helped him with that job, and they got to spend a decent amount of time in there. Today Herbie asked me questions about going to the Celestial room and attending the temple. It reminded me of a tour we'd heard about where at the end, someone had said, "So... what do I need to do to get into the 'Silent Room' again?"

Herbie also wants to sit for a long time in the Celestial room someday.

And here's Ruby... presumably working (???).

Woo and I had two tours to Americans who were former missionaries in Portugal and their wives. They'd both planned their trip to Portugal because of the temple and then found they'd accidentally booked everything for the wrong dates. How happy they were to discover that the temple open house was open an extra week.

We didn't do much to celebrate a job well done on the last day, other than eat two ice cream bars when we got home and Woo took the kids to the skatepark. According to him, Moses is getting pretty good pretty fast.

But when I took them the day afterwards, Moses was frustrated that he couldn't do any of the tricks that he'd done the day before.

It was just a lucky day? Or maybe he was sore and more cautious the next day?

Linus spent a lot of free time working on this model of the entire temple grounds. That's a train track with stop behind it, just like the real temple. Linus made a sandwich for Archie every morning before we left for the temple, without anyone asking him to or ever needing a reminder.

He decided to be super good in church today, for some reason, and kept walking around with his arms folded and his "good" smile planted firmly on his face. It made me giggle a little bit.

He got some revelation while reading the Book of Mormon that he was excited about. "I'm going to use it when I'm a missionary."

He'd read 1 Nephi 3:7 "... for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them."

And he told me, "That means Heavenly Father gave us the Plan of Salvation because it works."

Penelope and Archie have been zipping around on their scooters. They sure love those things, but they both are also very good at sharing them. All the other kids have gotten a chance to try one of their scooters.

Here they are checking out the huge brass rain spout they discovered at the temple.

Today we had a family temple recommend interview to get our tickets to the dedication. We were all in the room, but Moses, Linus and Penelope (who don't hold current temple recommends) answered all the questions. Woo thought it was a cute experience.

Moses yelled, "Yes!" the second Mário finished asking, "Do you live the law of chastity?"

And they all laughed because it was so funny to them to be asked such a question.

Some of the other questions had to be explained, but when they understood they also smiled or laughed and said, "Of course!"

Some of those questions are not designed for kids at all, but still not a bad thing for them to think about having to answer for a real temple recommend someday.

Anyway, that's our week. Hope yours was great!