First Week of School

This was a busy week. A lot happened, and not just the first week of school. Last week, of course, we had the temple dedication. Ruby, Herbie and Woo watched from the sealing room. They saw Elder Andersen when he came in their room, said hi to everyone and said they loved them.


Here at home, Linus said two very excellent prayers. One before we left on our Sunday walk and the other was before we left for the actual dedication. Archie spent about a half hour alone at home between when we left and Woo came home. He was excited for us to leave, as I let him watch movies on the Gospel Library app. Moses was particularly excellent in the dedication. He was easily the most reverent person in the entire chapel.

Ruby and Herbie said they fell asleep that night thinking about the temple; they dreamed about the temple; and they completely forgot that the next day was the first day of school.

Of course we're excited that the temple opens this week. The Lisbon temple is small, and we were warned that we needed to make an appointment. I was nervous we wouldn't be able to get in at all the first month, but it looks like we've picked a time that is not in high demand.

I sent many other emails to get Ruby registered for seminary. She's now enrolled in an online class in the UK with about 30 other American kids living in Europe or Africa. She seems to be really enjoying it, but her first lesson took over 2 hours.

In reading what she'd written, I became painfully aware that the kids' English writing and typing skills are declining. Typing is never taught here in school; they write almost everything down by hand; and I've yet to see even an adult who can touch-type here.

So I found some online programs for English grammar and typing that I'm happy with, and have started the older four kids. Linus, already, has become a particularly careful and conscientious typer. I think it also helps that he started from scratch. The older kids already think they can type, and were not as teachable as they could've been.

Linus is also enjoying being the oldest grade in his school and being among the oldest there, not only among his own family, but among everyone.

Archie said he was a little bit nervous to start 1st grade (He didn't act it!), but he told me almost every day, "First grade is fun, Mom!"

He is excited about all his new friends, going back to school in the afternoon, and doing real school work, "We're going to do Portuguese in the afternoon, Mom!"


He had one page of tracing homework this weekend (he'll be learning cursive right off the bat), that he finished in about 30 seconds.

Archie has been fantastic during scriptures this week, thanks to Moses taking him under his arm.

Penelope is still feeling very grown up doing family history. It's now a way for her to receive messages. Usually from me with names for her to reserve, but also Herbie, and occasionally FamilySearch itself...
Penelope: I get soooo many messages that are dumb and I delete them. Like an ancestor with a birthday... Othello or something...
Othello is Woo's mom's father.

We were about to start family prayers until I noticed Ruby had an Ensign under her blanket.
Woo: Ruby is the only person I know who’d try to sneakily read an Ensign during prayers.

Almost every talk or testimony Herbie gives, he sits down and whispers, "Oh, I forgot a part!"

So when I reminded him he had a talk on Sunday and he said he'd already written it, I asked if he knew it well enough to not forget a part.
He said, "I'm not going to forget because I love the temple, Mom."

And lastly, Moses was elected class president in a landslide. He suddenly seems to have become influential there. He stuck up for a kid at break and told others to leave him alone. They did because, "The kids in my class listen to me."

Woo met with the missionaries, did some surfing, made and ate some salsa, bought two crates of tortilla chips, invited Henry to dinner, hurt the knuckle on his right pinky, shaved, showered, conducted sacrament meeting, and a bunch of other stuff I'm not going to list here.

And that's our week. Hope yours was great!