Examples and Such

I forgot to mention that last week Ruby played her first hymn for the congregation (while we sang, not prelude music or anything). She played Sweet Hour of prayer and it was great! No mistakes. It was like playing to the recording on the keyboard, but better because it was a human.

She also taught Sunday School for the first time this week. I wasn't there, but Woo said it was a good first attempt.

I had a question to be answered during conference. It was "What could we further do to protect us from Satan?"

The answer did not come in a talk; it came in a prayer. And not anything specific said in the prayer, but only feeling the Spirit and remembering an earlier speaker that mentioned that inspiration often comes in recurring thoughts and then I remembered that I'd thought a couple of times that I wished the kids knew the conference talks better.

So that is why I now have the kids review (watch or read) a specific conference talk and prepare to mention something they liked about it before dinner.

Archie calls it the Conference Quiz Thingy.

Moses and Herbie took it very seriously and took notes to share during our discussion. They were good examples for Archie, who immediately made his own, and Ruby and Linus, who took notes today.

We only spend 15 minutes or so discussing, and we mostly just let the kids talk, but I think it's good.

Linus won a cool multi-colored colored pencil this week for having the best score on a reading comprehension test and also was one of only a couple of kids to get 100% on his math test. He does careful work in school.

Archie: Linus played tag at recess with Gui.
(Gui is an autistic kid in Linus' class.)
Archie: Gui doesn't have a lot of friends.
After thinking a couple of seconds.
Archie: I'm going to play with Gui at recess sometimes too.

Archie woke up one morning and told me he'd gotten revelation to give one of his teachers a Book of Mormon. I told him great, but he'd need to find a Book of Mormon, I didn't have any to give away. I thought nothing more of it, but Archie did.

On the day he had that teacher, he asked again for a Book of Mormon, which I didn't have. When he came home that afternoon, he'd given his teacher a Book of Mormon! Penelope had had one in her backpack, and they'd rendezvoused the recess before that class.

Penelope took some standardized, nationwide test last year. She was insistent that I come into her classroom in the morning and pick up her results. I couldn't go in that day, but did the next. When walking into the classroom, Penelope said, "Now you can see how loud my class is."

But I didn't notice them. The best part for me was seeing Penelope sitting upright and alert in the front row with her proud, that's-my-mom face on while I spoke briefly with her teacher.

Herbie had some extra time this week because two of his teachers are in Slovakia on exchange, and they don't get substitutes. He went surfing with Woo twice.

One of those times he cut his foot on his fin. He came in early and changed, but went back out to film Woo. Woo has been wanting someone to film him for awhile so he can see what he looks like. Herbie was a willing and eager accomplice.

Moses is already packed for Poland. We went to his parent meeting and I was reassured to see that some of the teachers also going look like sweet grandmothers.

Woo likes to offer rewards for overcoming bad habits. It's not his favorite reward to offer, but it seems to be the one that gets the best results--Linus stopped biting his fingers for 2 big bags of candy.

And that's our week. Hope yours was great!