This week had some good times and bad times... Ruby and Moses were surprisingly fine. I was expecting a tough re-adjustment period, but I guess they're just older, and they haven't needed adjustment periods in some time. I've just forgotten.

They both wrote some about their experiences. Both have been nice to have home. I can relax a bit more, and both continue to be mostly peacemakers and examples in the family.

Herbie was super excited to have Moses and (and although he won't admit it) Ruby back. He was exceptionally wonderful Saturday where he did the dishes and cleaned all around the sink and washed the water pitchers without being asked. In the evening he set the dinner table, again without being asked.


We had the primary program this week. I had been unmotivated up until about three days before, but that was enough time to get us ready for what we needed to do. Perhaps, the reason for my lack of motivation... a bunch of my time and energy just wasn't needed there.

We have to do our program a tiny bit different because we have only 5 kids in the whole primary. Linus and Moses prepared and learned great talks on short notice (Moses, Linus, Penelope and Archie each had 3).

I had a short thing for every month, where I ask the kids a question about the theme ahead of time, and I read their answers (Woo's suggestion). Penelope gave me the longest, most thoughtful and sincere answers to these. Archie did some good singing.

Woo and I fasted over our future options/ideas last week, but so far we still do not know. We each have mixed feelings about a lot of things. A stupor of thought might be what we are experiencing? Anyway, no news on that horizon.

I hope you all had a great week!