The Week of Chocolate on Archie's Face (Archie's Title Suggestion)

We've had a fun week. According to Moses we had the "best Halloween of my life!" We had our two new Elders and a visiting Brazilian member over for dinner. After dinner one Elder slipped out of the room, and returned, leaned an elbow on the table, and started bleeding at the mouth (after swigging a mouthful of fake blood from the Chinese store).

None of us really reacted, but it definitely made an impression on the kids, who talked of little else afterwards. (Mysteriously, that Elder has been feeling ill the last couple days, and was not able to make it to church today.)

The same Elder also showed up with this sword on his head. Again, not much of a reaction from us, but Penelope had a couple seconds fun with it.

The next day was a holiday and the kids were home from school. Unfortunately, it was a dull, rainy day. Luckily, most kids went surfing with Woo in the morning, and Pedro, our new Brazilian friend, came over to take several pictures (although, Linus took this picture of Woo with Pedro's equipment).

Pedro stayed for lunch and entertained the kids for an hour or so? with some game on his phone. We (Woo and I) racked our brains for something better to do with a guest, but really we had nothing on a dull, rainy day.

Ruby and Moses took care of last minute details on Saturday. Moses wanted to do our family NT study on Saturday so he wouldn't miss it, so we did that. Woo gave them both blessings. Woo also spent several hours to get 2 old phones ready for them to take with them. They can message us, use the gospel library app, take pictures and use their language dictionaries.

Both of them left today. Moses's group met at 3:30AM at the school for a taxi. They arrived 2 1/2 hours early ... and their flight was also late.


Ruby woke up soon after we got home (4AM) and stayed awake, but luckily quiet. She was picked up outside our apartment around 9AM and is still in the air.


Herbie has been handling it very well, so far. I'm sure it would be disappointing to him to watch Ruby and Moses leave on an adventure while he stays at home (and helps move another load of junk for our hoarder member), especially after the other kids got phones, but he's been really great.

Archie woke up this morning excited about his testimony and announced he was going to fast two meals today for the first time. He ran up to the pulpit to give his testimony first, and has fasted the longest he ever has so far, although, he's less enamored with the idea now. Woo has been trying to keep him distracted.

And I think that's about it. I hope your week was great!

Testimony Below:

Last week I fasted with Ruby and Moses because they would be traveling today. We fasted for their safety.

Before our fast, I had many assurances that they would be safe and that they would do good, but I still sometimes worried. But after our fast, I felt complete peace. I have known at all times that they will be safe.

I know that fasting gives extra power to our prayers and that like President Nelson said, when we pay our fast offerings, we are obeying the second commandment to love our neighbor.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.