Thanksgiving Week

I remembered Thanksgiving this year. A couple of weeks ago I decided to just make one a pie in a cake pan. Then on the way home from the temple, I decided since was going to make a bit of an attempt this year, might as well invite the missionaries.

It was a fun evening, but the best was yet to come... the kids had absolutely no idea... Grandma and Grandpa were coming! I had some vague ideas on how to surprise the kids, and we learned some things... if we did this again, we would know better what to do, but it was still pretty fun how we did it.

I was going to take Grandma and Grandpa with me to pick up Linus, Penelope and Archie at lunch, but then because of a workers' strike, they didn't have school. Woo took them to a small grove of trees while I was on my run, where they had a lot of fun. I was going to bring Grandma and Grandpa to them, but we ended up at home.

Right when Grandma and Grandpa were due to come, the kids suddenly had a ton of ideas of things they wanted to go and do--Linus had a friend to meet, Herbie had to go surfing immediately... I had to tell them to wait just a few minutes, and then they got all settled into their new projects, so that when Grandma and Grandpa did come and I wanted the kids to come downstairs with me, no one would come!

I told them there was a surprise downstairs, but they still came very reluctantly. I opened the door on Grandma and Grandpa and they just stared for several seconds before they figured out who they were looking at and gave Grandma and Grandpa big hugs.

Moses was due home next. We left the house to meet him, and met him in the little houses below our building. He saw Archie and Linus giggling and ducking back behind a building when they saw Moses coming. Herbie also was running back and forth. I peeked out and smiled at him; he knew something was up.

Herbie, Archie and Linus ran to the other side of the alley, giggling, and Moses slowed down. He told me he was now expecting Woo to jump out and yell at him.

But instead, Grandpa walked nonchalantly from one end of the alley to the other.

We heard Moses exclaim, "Am I seeing things?!?"

And then when he saw both Grandma and Grandpa he had a giant smile and kept rubbing his eyes and saying, "I don't believe my eyes!"

Ruby was the only one left, so we kept walking to the school. We decided to have Grandma and Grandpa sit on a bench outside the bank and see if she noticed them. We let Moses go up and meet her, which was probably a mistake--she knew something out of the ordinary was going on.

She did see Grandma and Grandpa and seemed more stunned than anything, but was excited to see them.

Grandma and Grandpa brought warm, fuzzy jackets with them, lots of treats, and the opportunity to swim in the hotel pool, which we all know is the best part of having anyone you know stay in a hotel.

Moses found a frog.

Grandpa got a nap.

Linus finally taught Penelope how to dive.

Woo braved the "freezing" (aka ocean temperature) outdoor pool with some of the kids for awhile.

We've also been to the skatepark where Archie yelled, "Grandpa! Remember I'm here for you!" as he zipped around on his scooter, by which he meant, "Grandpa! Remember, I'm here skating around for you to watch!"

And Herbie pumped a scooter (had less success with a skateboard) round and round and round one of the bowls.

There have been a lot of comments of how Grandma and I look and sound like each other.

Grandma and Grandpa were good to attend church in essentially jibberish for them. I heard that Grandpa read a scripture in Sunday School (in Portuguese).  He claims half the branch thought he was native.

And that's been our exciting week. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!