This Week...

The kids were out of school.

They pulled on their fuzzy pajamas.

Herbie even tried on Ruby's jammies.

Penelope (laughing): Linus says undies! 
Linus: What do you say, Nelps? 
Penelope: Underwear! 
Archie (emerging from the bathroom, and completely serious): I say it the real way! 

We cleaned out rooms, mopped floors, walls and ceilings.

We made gingerbread cookies, tiger butter fudge, and Woo made us hot chocolate (not all on the same day).

Linus dropped his first carefully decorated cookie, which was never the same after that.

I read the kids A Little Princess, to the enjoyment of all. (I called it something else at the beginning to not immediately repel Linus and Archie.) However, no mystery, Penelope really, really loves it.

Woo drove the van to the shop, and after a couple days and several hundred euros it was fixed.

We went to the temple, where through a series of misunderstandings, Ruby did about 17 baptisms and no confirmations and Herbie did over a hundred of each.

After a slow start, Woo and I did sealings.

We watched Planet Earth II in the evenings. This is possibly Moses' most favorite thing ever.

Ruby, Herbie, Moses and Linus successfully delivered 12-Days-of-Christmas gifts everyday, while keeping it a secret from Archie and Penelope (who would definitely blab), and the children receiving it.

Moses and Linus played ping pong at the church with Woo.

Archie lost his two front teeth. Yes, we know what he wants for Christmas.

Linus delivered a present to his autistic friend that he planned, bought and wrapped himself. His mother thanked Woo and I (the people who had nothing to do with it) sincerely.

Kids went shopping for gifts for each other and wrapped them.

Almost all of our ordered gifts arrived in the mail.

We went to our new playground--on a day when hardly anyone else was there!

At the end of his talk, Presidente Mário announced we were doing inactive visits with our extra hour off church. Luckily, we had Pedro with us to do all the work. He did an awesome job and it definitely made his week.


And that's our week. Merry Christmas!