My Baby is 7

The most exciting thing that happened this week was Archie's birthday.
Me: What do you want for your birthday dinner, Archie?
Archie: Oh! Sausage and lasagna! And NO MUSHROOMS!
Me: Okay, no mushrooms, but you can only have one of those other two.
Archie: Oh! Sausage and... pizza! And NO MUSHROOMS! ... Unless it's that mushroom noodle thing... then you can make that. 
Archie (twisting his face): You can make that.
Apparently he didn't want mushrooms, but was willing to sacrifice if he had to.

Archie is always so thrilled and grateful for every little thing on his birthday; it's sweet.

This week he beat me in Settlers twice and also Ruby (somehow he got a monopoly on clay and completely creamed us), which I'm sure he feels is one of his top accomplishments for the week.

Last Sunday Woo scheduled several things for us with branch members, but they all fell through (except the one I said no to), and we ended up not doing much this week. I was concerned it would be a long dull week, and I had one day with a severe lack of motivation to do much of anything. I was almost missing our old road trips to Madrid, but no one else was and in the end we made it through okay.

The kids were pretty happy to read, play games with each other (Ruby bought a set of dominos as a family gift and I taught them to play chicken feet, which has been popular.), go to the new park, and watch Planet Earth.

I always left the park first to make dinner, but twice I had to leave even earlier with an injured Penelope. Both times there was a concern that we'd have to make a trip to the hospital for a broken bone or stitches, but both times she was okay with some home care.

Other times, Penelope and Archie have been inseparable friends there. Archie got a watch for his birthday and set a timer for Penelope and Archie to do "stations" at the park, rotating to different sections and games at regular intervals. I'm happy that they're still such good friends.

I was a bit hesitant about the new program for children and youth because I had a vague idea that I was going to have to do more, but I shouldn't have worried. The kids all brought their pamphlets home and worked on them themselves. They were excited to show me what they'd come up with, and they're in charge with following through.

One of Linus' goals is to bathe more frequently. He did not get the exact days he'd outlined, but he did do better than in the past. He re-motivated himself for this week ahead, and learning to remember and keep his goals, also to form his own new habits, appears to be one of the benefits.

Herbie and Moses were ordained today, to the offices of deacon and teacher. Herbie taught Moses how to pass the sacrament after church, and Moses got his temple recommend. He is very excited.

When we moved here, Linus got a blessing that said he would be the first member of our family to be baptized in Portugal. At the time I was thinking of Linus, and news to me at the time, Penelope. But now I also know it was talking about Ruby and Herbie and Moses doing baptisms in the Lisbon temple. I guess maybe Archie's birthday too. He has one year left.

Ruby was also excited about the goals she set for herself. She started running with me again, after a several month pause, and made a greater effort to play tag or other games at the park.

This morning we did a Come Follow Me activity for the first time: write down your testimony of the Book of Mormon and pray about who to share it with. Ruby wrote a whole page and was so happy with what she wrote. She and Linus read theirs to each other (My favorite part about Linus's that I overheard was, "Without the Book of Mormon, I would not be writing this testimony... ")

She read it to me later, starting with a, "It's just so good!" and she decided to translate it into Portuguese and give a copy to each of her teachers.

Woo has been experiencing a lot of pain in his neck and shoulder area besides his usual aches and pains. I've tried to help him a bit, but he didn't marry me for my massage skills, and I'm a pretty sorry masseuse. However, he is not lying around... he's surfing and playing with the kids at the park.

I think it was last week that he told Herbie that he was retiring from skateboarding because it was hurting his foot, but he's been skateboarding probably every day--mostly with Herbie and Moses, but also with Ruby around the path at the park.

With Moses and Mariana graduating from primary, we finally have a youth group. They will teach each other, but Woo was asked to supervise. Herbie stood up and taught this week after Ruby complained that she didn't know and hadn't prepared. The lesson was on... exactly the same thing we'd studied together as a family in the morning.
Woo: Any member of the church who's done their home study should be able to stand up and give the lesson at any time.
He was very proud of Herbie for doing just that.

In my down time I read a book about the Mayflower and the first settlers of Plymouth Rock that was enjoyable and another wake up call to the sacrifices of others for the ease I enjoy. Also, it made me feel like we were eating an extremely bounteous feast the night I made vegetable soup.

Anyway, that's our week. Vacation ends tomorrow. I hope your week was great!