Quick Weekly Recap

Ruby: Drew the best human models in her art class. Found an antique toy ship with Moses that they cleaned and repainted together. Is enjoying seminary and becoming a true student of the scriptures.

Herbie: Surfed the first tube in the family! Is doing extra chores to earn money for some surf boots. He hurt is knee slipping and falling down the stairs while wet (post surf).

Moses: Read a book on John Wesley Powell. Went surfing with Herbie and Woo then came home early and played soccer in his wetsuit. Is the only person not currently bored with the Lord of the Rings. (It better pick up soon!)

Linus: Turned 10! Got a new scooter and helmet and pads (that he wore while reading the Book of Mormon). Turned in his solar system model.

Penelope: Got the revelation to think before she says anything. Was the only kid to give Linus a birthday present--one of her favorite books and a frisbee toy. Did some extreme walking at the skatepark.

Archie: Did his chores more diligently than he has in awhile. Staunched a bloody nose with a piece of Lamb's Ear on a walk. Has been tying his shoe more carefully thanks to Woo's instruction.

Steven: Busted his favorite surf board. Sprained his ankle skateboarding. Led our discussion of President Nelson's last conference talk in this lovely local.

Me: Read On Wings of Faith about Ezra Taft Benson's mission to Europe immediately following WWII. Read a short book on Joan of Arc. Disinfected a large portion of the house (with Herbie's help).

Contention: Doing better. Thank you for your prayers.

Hope you had a great week!