This week the weather was nice; it even got hot a couple of times! In a surprise development, Woo started reading Pippi Longstocking to the younger kids during lunch. Linus whined and complained. He was sure it would be boring. (All books with girls in them are dumb.) Woo told him no one was forcing him to listen; he'd read to Archie and Penelope while Linus took his bath.

Of course, Linus couldn't help but hear from the bathroom, and after his bath he crept into our room (where Woo was reading) with a sheepish look on his face. He has listened eagerly ever since.

The Lord of the Rings has been put on hold while I read the Princess Bride to the older kids (slightly edited by me, while I read). This has been all consuming for Moses, who has thought of nothing else and let a lot of other things slide in his desire to hear more of the story. He has been slightly sick (canker sores, mostly) also, so not his best week.

Herbie learned that he was not chosen to go to Croatia (with the same program that took Moses to Poland and Ruby to Greece). He handled the disappointment very, very well. Something he used to struggle with a lot. It helped that he'd previously had a dream that he wasn't going to be chosen, but would have other opportunities at a later time.

Carnaval started this week, which is easily my least favorite holiday ever. We've separated ourselves from almost all of it, but let the kids try the school parade again. This year it was too hot (other than cold and rainy the first year), and Archie still told me it was the worst thing that had happened in his day. He said the music was too loud (and it was), but I could also tell from watching him that he was stressed from being packed like sardines and not moving anywhere for 90% of the time. In fact, 90% of the kids looked miserable to me--sweating in their wigs and squinting into space. Only the teachers and a handful of kids were dancing and trying to have (actually having?) fun.

Penelope was one of those. She said she likes singing and dancing now.

Woo and I did not stay for the parade, but swooped in for a picture, than left with Herbie and Moses (who chose to skip their own school Carnaval party) to pick up some groceries. We each got a donut, the weather was sunny, and we were on bikes--much more enjoyable for us.

Linus and Ruby have had opportunities to talk about their beliefs extensively with friends this week. Both have come home excited to tell me about them, and I noticed that Ruby has been praying for it in her family prayers.

One day Ruby told me that she'd been inspired to take extensive notes and do a very careful reading of Jacob 5. It took her a couple weeks, but she finished on Thursday. She was quite pleased with her efforts, and she learned a lot.

Following Linus's example, Penelope started to read a chapter in the Bible everyday. She's also been excited about the things that she's learned.

Linus, Penelope and Archie got to dress up for school (similar to Halloween). They all came up with their own costume from things we had around the house and I painted their faces (but Penelope and Archie's after lunch, since they had swimming in the morning). Linus was a zombie. Penelope was a robber princess and Archie was a robber.

Woo convinced us to go for a winter beach walk, which turned out to be very pleasant; although, most of us left the house not very excited about it. And this week I finished reading Saints 2 and disinfecting the house.

So that's our week! I hope yours was great!