Yay!!! We're finally all out of school! In theory, the packets weren't a big deal, but I was more than happy to be done, especially with the younger kids. They definitely were too.

Archie had a zoom party with his class to say goodbye. He only made it because Woo got him there.

Penelope and Linus also had zoom goodbye parties, but we'd already been excused from all their other zoom meetings and I didn't give it a second thought. Linus didn't care, but Penelope was a little sad.

We started our summer schedule. Our 15 weeks of home school have taught us a lot. It's much more simplified than last year. On Thursday, I was worried it was a little too simplified, because everyone but Linus was weird and seemed to need something to do. (Linus was diligently working on his last assignments.)

But I think it was something else. I did make a tiny adjustment, though, and I think we'll all be fine next week.

Ruby has been writing poems lately. I think they're great, especially for a collection of first poems. They're certainly better than any poem I've ever written.

The first book of the summer she wanted to read was Great Expectations. She's read a simplified version, but wanted to read the original. She's laughed out loud several times.

Moses got a very nice email from his Portuguese teacher telling him that he would be getting a 5 in the class (an A). Moses was thrilled as that was the 5 that had always eluded him, and he'd been working extra hard for it.

Moses has become a reader, very much enjoying Holes and even reading some of Ruby's books.

Herbie has been reading her books too. Seeing him read Beauty I asked him if Jane Austen was next.
Herbie: No! 
Me: There's a reason they're classics... 
Herbie: Never!

Penelope and Archie have been discovering the joys of the Boxcar Children. Archie reads his in a whisper with occasional exclamations. I'm surprised, but also impressed that the author has managed to make finding bread and milk or chipped dishes such an exciting event. Even for little boys.

Woo bought some cookies that reminded him of a graham cracker crust, which reminded him of a key lime pie, which was hard to forget.

One morning he disappeared to the store and returned with some limes, cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk... He called all the kids into the kitchen, who were jumping all over themselves to juice limes and mix cream cheese at his orders.

When I arrived in the dining room everyone had a cookie, coated with pie filling and garnished with a thinly sliced lime. It was pretty delicious, but hard to keep the filling on the cookie. We transitioned to spooning filling into a bowl and dipping our cookies into that.

In preparation to start church meetings again in two weeks, Woo went to help Mario clean the church. We're pretty sure there is no virus hiding out in the empty building, but Woo did what he could and did a lot of dejunking. He found these canned vegetables in the relief society closet, for example.

While he was gone I took the kids to the park. By Saturday they had decided the park was boring, and I had to lure them there with a bag of roasted peanuts. After shelling and eating a few dozen peanuts each, they decided to play freeze tag.

I always enjoy watching the kids start a game. They use the Portuguese ways of picking sides and choosing who's it, always accompanied by a little Portuguese song.

And then they were off. They were all playing so well together. Archie and Penelope were running so fast; they're weren't as far behind the others as they usually are; they were actual threats, and everyone was clearly having so much fun... we stayed much longer than we normally would so they could play and I could watch them, remembering how fun a game of tag is when you can run and run and run.

And that's a small part of our week. Hope yours was great!