I Guess It's Summer?

Woo finally called our internet provider and after a couple of days and a couple of unmet appointments, on Friday afternoon we had the internet! I hardly know what to do with it anymore. Woo has been remembering how much he loves it.

We took this week pretty easy. Our lips have healed a lot, but not entirely.

Woo found this seaweed pile, and while he himself found the sliminess and the unknown creatures it might be harboring to be unsettling, he knew just who would like it--the kids!

They were the only kids anywhere around playing in it and they had a ball. Many people walking by were highly amused by the sight of Moses diving straight into sludge and landing with plop.

Herbie couldn't play in the seaweed because he hurt his toe surfing earlier in the week and was trying to keep the wound clean. He made the first sand castle I ever remember seeing him make.

It's hard for us to remember that it's summer. The weather's a lot the same and the end of school wasn't abrupt enough. This week we finally remembered that I could send the older kids to the library.

Ruby, Herbie, Moses set out with their face masks and backpacks. Linus went along for the first time too, and the older kids helped him get his first library card. He felt pretty grown up. Ruby also told me that he loves wearing a face mask and wore it on the walk also.

In the library, they were not allowed to touch the books, but they carted the librarian along with them and pointed at the books they wanted, so she could pull them out. It helps that there's hardly ever anyone else in the entire library.

Penelope has done a lot more reading since them. Ruby and Moses each picked out a book for her, and she thought they each were perfect--O Prisioneiro de Azkaban and Regresso à Escola. She looks forward to getting her own card next year.

Tired of Archie getting into her things, Ruby cleaned and organized everything to fit into her closet, including her bed, when she's gone.

Archie had a tough time sitting still in church today. During the sacrament, he told me had an idea for a lesson in primary. Then he wriggled around for the next half an hour. During primary, he took the entire time teaching a lesson on the sacrament and on a baptism. He gets it, even when sitting still is a challenge.

That's our week. Hope yours was great!