This week some stuff happened...

We had our usual conference talk discussion in our usual place. Linus took two full pages of notes to share with us.

All of us filmed a short clip with our testimony and shot it off to the Elders in about ten minutes while we were also getting ready for church. Who knows why. They asked us to do it, so we did.

Herbie woke up humming, "Did you think to pray?" It reminded him of his new goal to pray upon first waking.

Penelope announced that praying first thing in the morning was her new goal too, and that she had also done it.

When Archie was crying, Herbie offered to make him a quesadilla, which instantly stopped the tears.

Ruby sent a poem and tried to send some paintings to her grandparents. The painting photos were too large and never got sent, but not for lack of trying on her part! When I figured out what went wrong, she was through and didn't want to try again.

A nice, relaxing day. So relaxing, I accidentally took a nap in the park while the kids played together. I was abruptly awakened by Herbie riding his bike past me with a soda can against the wheel, which I interpreted to be a weed whacker attacking me.

Penelope began making her own fried or scrambled egg, which she has wanted to do for a long time. It makes her feel very grown up.

Moses graciously shared his room and his board games with his siblings. I heard him suing for peace many times during game disagreements and was frequently successful.

I asked Ruby to cut my hair, but she wasn't interested. Instead, Linus jumped up and offered to do it. Linus cuts the straightest line in the family, so no worries there. I let down the sections for him, told him the length, and he was good to go!

I cut Linus' hair.

Woo took the kids to the park while I made dinner. Needled by the kids' challenges, Woo engaged in a somersault race down the hill. He won easily.

Moses fell and scraped his elbow trying some trick. It is still bothering him.

Moses caught a frog at the park.

Ruby, Herbie, Moses and Linus trekked to the library. I cut Penelope and Archie's hair while they were gone. Woo went surfing alone.

Surprise! The Elders posted our testimonies to FB. No big deal, but no one warned us either. We might have put a bit more work into them.

Woo and I decided it was time to go grocery shopping. Woo pumped up the tire, we climbed inside, and the van wouldn't start. The battery was dead. I guess using the van once every two weeks is not enough.

Woo texted a friend and left some other, farther away friends alone. We got the car started after dinner and because the van needed to run for awhile we all piled in to drive to a shop in a neighboring town where a friend of Woo's is building a sailboat.

We still haven't gone grocery shopping, but we decided to wait until Monday when the ads say Lidl will have tortilla chips. (Woo's staple and unfortunately not always available.)

We considered doing something different, but the kids wanted to go to the park, where we all played baseball. It was a gargantuan effort to remind everyone that we were just playing for fun and didn't need to get mad about missed plays, mistakes, rules broken, etc.

Penelope and Archie were better hitters than expected. The rest of us played just as well as expected.

We ate the salsa Woo made for his lunch for dinner (further increasing his need for chips).

Ruby had a two hour zoom call for some youth thing. In the end she was pleased because she suggested they all memorize the new Proclamation (in Portuguese, she's already done it in English) which elicited gasps when first proposed, but was later acknowledged as the best goal they had.

And I think that's our week. I hope yours was great!