Now it's Summer!

This week we finally reached our summer sweet spot. The kids had enough work and productive things to do, as well as free time, to feel happy and not swamped with either.

Moses: "I had too many fun things to do this week!"

At the beginning of the summer I bought several travel board games at Lidl. My plan was to let a different kid pick one each week, read the rules, teach their siblings, and play until the next game was picked out.

The second game was a flop. The kids played once and refused to play again. I suspected the rules hadn't been followed correctly (or were not written as well for the travel game). I found the rules online and told the kids that anyone who read the rules and tried again could pick the next game. The older kids all refused; they'd completely given up. Moses was particularly adamant.

A few weeks went by and Linus offered to do it this week. Having read the rules myself, I was hesitant to let him to try. I wasn't sure he could do it. But he read those rules through twice, set everything up and walked through the game once himself. No one wanted to play when he was ready. (That's how much they hated the game.) Gradually, we convinced them to try again, and success! After playing twice and having fun, Linus came to pick out the next game, which they also enjoyed.

There's a group of overgrown bushes that Herbie, Moses, Linus and Archie have been building forts in. It has been a fun group project for them. They included Penelope on about Saturday and they also connected all the forts together. Then they played a game where they were separated from the rest of us on a boat voyage and had to survive on their own. They had a lot of fun, and every single one of them told me it was their favorite thing of the day yesterday.

Ruby and Penelope figured out how to ride one bike at the same time. The first time they came around the loop, they passed me with giant smiles on their faces. I wasn't expecting it when Ruby yelled out, "This is soooo uncomfortable!!" But I believed it.

Ruby forgot that she had a talk last week, so wrote one in her head quickly and delivered it. Herbie was determined to not be caught in the same predicament, and is spending over two weeks preparing his talk--it better be good!!

Perhaps more than anyone else, Archie loves having all his siblings around. He was included in almost everything this week, which makes him such a happy, big kid feeling.

We always chuckle about the spicy snacks here that include special warnings for children. Woo and I agreed these weren't spicy at all. When we gave the kids some, they agreed with us. I guess different cultures have different palates.

I was inspired to look at the Ensign on my scripture app a few nights ago, where I found several articles on this week's Come, Follow Me lesson. I suddenly had a lot of ideas that I wrote down, and today in a break from our usual Come, Follow Me discussion, Woo and I gave a joint law of chastity lesson, which was a lot of fun. Yes, really.

And that's our week. Hope yours was great!