This week started out pretty drab. There was a dismal, muggy fog. It rained all of one day. It seemed as if nothing would ever change.

Penelope wrapped a blanket around her waist, put her hair up and an apron on and did some organizing.

Dragons was the lego theme of the week.

Moses went to his first meeting for the youth thing. It's all been online. Our kids haven't been the best participants. Also Moses's group activities are always between 8-10pm... He'd dropped off the face of the earth as far as his leader was concerned and she was very worried about him. Anyway, he finally did part of one meeting.

One morning after scriptures, Archie was fascinated about cureloms and cumoms. He kept asking me what they were, and of course, I don't know. I told him to go pray about it, which he ran off, excited to do. He emerged from his room, smiling and saying a cumom was the size of a lama, but with more of an elephant head that went out, not up.

Woo broke another surf board. His fourth break, he says.

Also he changed the oil filter, so the van was good to go. On Saturday, as everyone was driving into town to go to the beach, we were driving out to visit Tomar. We bought our first tank of gas in five months on the way out.

The Convent of Christ was my favorite castle ruin so far. It was easy to imagine it being a very pleasant place to live at one time... so many terraces, vine covered trellises and stepped gardens over a large area. Pleasant, other than the fact that attacking armies were apparently enough of a threat to live all the time inside a fortress.

Ruby also loved the grounds and apparently some of the windows (like the one above) are exactly what she's always wanted for a little bed nook. Walking around, she had dreams of a house with twelve of them in a long row (more of a hall than a bedroom) for the 12 children she's currently planning on having.

Penelope made herself a sandwich before we left to eat as a snack (this is a Portuguese thing). She wrapped it up in a paper towel, then a baggie, and took it out to take a dainty bite or two at different rest intervals.

Herbie finished his transcription of his 3rd great-grandfather's (Isaac Kite Wright) missionary journal. He posted it to FamilySearch last week and has been contacted by a couple of "cousins" who are very excited about it. They are all old people, who ask him about meeting up sometime to talk over the family tree.

The kids finally got their rings for the Children and Youth program in church today. Linus was thrilled, but also very particular about how his ring must fit and which finger it goes on. He spent most of sacrament meeting fiddling with it, most of the period between sacrament meeting and when we got home to primary, complaining and being dissatisfied with it. But in primary he finally got it. It's perfect now!

That's our week!