Another Week

We had a really great week contention-wise last week, but this week was not good. Almost all of us had a bad week. I don’t know what our deal was, but here’s our week anyway. 

Ruby and Herbie start seminary tomorrow. Herbie, as a first year student, had a few lessons this week that he was so excited about and enthusiastically started. (I suspect this is partly because seminary is a well-organized online class, and partly because it means in his eyes he’s growing up.)

On the second day, he was a bit confused, but started a strange lesson that required a lot of work from him (including writing and posting an entire talk). He had messaged his teacher and after struggling with that for 45 minutes, she answered that she hadn’t unlocked his actual lesson, which ended up taking 15 minutes.

On the bright side, we’ve figured out how school is supposed to work here normally. The kids and I went to the school when it was open (after September 1st), successfully went in and got our book vouchers without any confusion, the kids saw their classes posted, and I got all the books ordered without a problem! No lines! No multiple failed trips to the school! No Portuguese language fiascos!

Stopping by the high school for Ruby was not as intimidating as I’d imagined and Ruby was happy to see that she only knows 4-5 kids in her class, and one is her best friend.

Ruby’s on a science track, which I’m sure separated her from a bunch of kids, but also this high school merges kids from a lot of different middle schools. It will be a new start for her in several ways (assuming she’s actually going to school... ).

I finished memorizing the Restoration Proclamation. The kids and I have been repeating a paragraph together every weekday morning, switching paragraphs every few weeks. We’re on the last paragraph, so I figured it was time and took about 20 minutes of work alone to tie everything together.

When I announced I was done, Woo gave me a big smile and a “Good job, Chelsey!” every few minutes.

Woo broke another board this week. If you’re wondering how he has had so many boards to break... at least one of them was from a haul of tossed boards from a surf school Woo and the kids found when we first moved here. The boards appeared to be fine other than missing fins. Woo had put his own fins on.

Woo and Herbie had another short surf when Herbie stepped on a spider fish. Luckily they were only across the street and Woo had already been stung by one a couple years ago when a lifeguard was nearby to tell him what to do (soak in very hot tap water). The sting isn’t dangerous, only painful.

Woo was pleased to catch the end of his first barrel yesterday, and called us all into his room separately to watch it (he’s tiny in the shot).

And he’s been putting extra time in on his own programming project the last couple weeks. He’s kind of excited about it. At least he’s enjoying it.

After Linus cut my hair, I realized there was no reason why I should be cutting everyone’s hair. It’s not like using a buzzer is hard. Also, it’s super exciting for kids. Moses and Herbie cut each other’s hair with a little supervision and instruction from me.

I’ll still do Archie’s for awhile because he’s very wiggly while getting his hair cut, which is probably beyond the patience of most of the kids.

Moses shared his secret ambition with me: attend every temple in the US.

Archie has started reading a chapter in the Bible when he first wakes up. He’s done it every day this week. I was pretty sure he was encouraged in this by Penelope, but Archie says no one helps him remember, and Linus says he reminds both Archie and Penelope.

We finally got a Portuguese chapter book from the library that Archie was excited to read—Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Archie says he is not excited to go back to school. He is sad to split up with his brothers and sisters.

Penelope is excited to see her teacher again (they have the same teacher throughout all of elementary school), but not her class. She says they’re crazy.

Linus is excited to go to a new school with Herbie and Moses.

Moses is kind of excited to go back to school. He looks forward to doing something different.

Herbie and Ruby are mostly meh about going back to school. They think the masks and other restrictions (whatever they may be) will not be fun.

But they are all excited for our pre-school Decathlon shopping trip! This is something for us all to look forward to next week.

Penelope had a good evening Saturday night. She washed the dishes, tidied up the kitchen and started a fast.

And I think that’s it. Hope you all had a great week :)