Another Week Down

The kids seem to be doing well in school.

Linus ran in from school, excited: 
My Portuguese teacher said there was only one A on the test! 

And when she handed them out, it was MINE!
This earned laughs from all of us. Woo suggested he tell his class: “That’s okay guys, I’m sure you’ll all beat me on the English test!”

He also got one of two high scores on his history and geography of Portugal test.

Archie won two prizes this week from winning two contests (Woo wonders if the class is being bad that his teacher has to be more creative.) He won a handful of m&ms for writing numbers from 50-99, and a robot for some syntax exercise. (I like that his teacher is not giving out whole bags of candy and she also is gifting old toys from her own children... that she’s doused with disinfectant, of course) 

Herbie hasn’t gotten the score from his math test yet, but he thought it was easy, he was the first one done, and he checked over everything twice, just to be sure.

He also was excited about his sit-up test in PE. It sounds like they play some sort of metronome thing to keep track of kids sit-ups and Herbie did more sit-ups than were programmed... He described it as: “I finished the whole thing!” This is something he’s never done before. 

Moses asked me at dinner: 
Mom, has anyone ever been the class clown AND the teachers pet?
He smiled sweetly.
That’s what I’m trying to do this year. But with good jokes.
Me: Oh? Did you have some successes today?

Moses (blushing): Yeah, I had a few good ones... and the teachers already all like me....
The competition in that area, to be honest, is not fierce. You might remember that Moses’s class was labeled “the worst class in the school!” a couple years ago.

Although, Moses sometimes tells us that his class is much better, and that no one got any detentions last year. He seems to think that because he was class president last year, that he had influence there. 

Last week, I got a little nudge that I should talk about improving our family prayers during Come Follow Me. While talking, I got the revelation that we should wait a few seconds reverently before speaking, thinking about who we were about to speak to and maybe what we were going to say. We have been doing that and our family prayers have improved 310%. 

Woo took Pedro to the hospital for an appointment, which beyond the expected drive/Pedro/hospital adventure was made more exciting by being pulled over, reprimanded for still having a Utah driver’s license (no ticket or fine, thanks to many prayers), and losing Pedro in the hospital because Pedro hadn’t brought his phone and hadn’t remembered to tell anyone.

Woo also taught a Brazilian couple with the missionaries this week and picked them up for church today. And then he randomly picked up a hitchhiker driving them home. A first?

After hearing Ruby tell of kids in her school kissing with their masks on, Woo and I tried it for our anniversary.

We went for a little walk around town before dinner. Which was better for us, because going out after the kids are all home and settled is usually exhausting. Then we got take out for everyone because the sealing of our family is worth everyone celebrating. 

Penelope and Archie: Let's do that thing! Yeah!
And as they clinked cans of GuaranĂ¡ together, they both shouted: "Cheese!"   

I sometimes ask Ruby and Moses who have classes after 6PM if the kids in their classes are tired. I envision a class full of kids in a dazed stupor or else crazy kids like our kids in that extra hour of our current day.

They always say, yes, everyone is tired, but I never get enough details, I guess, because I keep asking. 

Penelope has been reading her English textbooks out loud to Archie. They have little stories in them, and they both seem to enjoy it.

For the first time I remember, Ruby forgot to wash the dishes. She needed a phone for her biology class, and spent the morning with Woo getting Classroom and whatever else she needed on an old spare phone.

Penelope did them for her, and when Ruby came home she said: “Who washed these dishes? They did a really good job!” 

I’ve been trying to dress better... get out of my sweats slump. To be honest, I feel like kind of an idiot some of the time, especially when all the kids ask me why I’m dressed like that, and are so persistent about it.

I finally told Ruby I was dressing as a business professional for Halloween and trying out my costume. Ah Halloween... we barely remember thee... 

Here's Linus at the optometrist... quick and free... the line outside the store was horrendous, though, because of tightened COVID measures. Luckily we didn't have to wait in that!

And I think that might be it for our week. I hope yours was great!