I guess we didn’t take many pictures this week. Sorry about that. (Archie is still alive, even though we don't have a picture of him.) 

Herbie has been working hard to overcome several weaknesses over the past couple months. He’s made a lot of headway against anger and towards speaking softly in the last couple of weeks.

I was pleased to discover one morning while dealing with a grouchy Linus that Herbie was quietly doing one small act of service for him after another, silently helping to ease Linus’s burden and help him get ready for school. The remarkable thing is that Herbie was not taking anything Linus said or did personally and reacting angrily, but was recognizing that Linus’s grouchiness was a signal that Linus was feeling stress and was in need of help.

Herbie is excellent about thinking ahead and preparing early and he was doing that for Linus as well, fixing Linus a snack before Linus even figured out he hadn’t made one yet, and so on.

When I pointed out what Herbie was doing to Linus and said he was doing it because he loved him, Linus softened considerably and they were both able to take off for school in a pleasant mood.

Herbie and Linus are now recognizing the vast height difference between them. Herbie’s grown rapidly the last few months, but also Moses had usually been walking with them to bridge the gap. With him gone, they now recognize just how far the divide.

Linus’s legs have been sore all week as he adjusts to the longer walk to the middle school. He also used to have more time in the morning, but he’s always been good at keeping focused on what needs to be done to get out the door, so that’s not been much of a problem.

[Insert long, sad tale of misunderstandings, misdirection, unreliable mail service, taxes, tariffs, and so on] ... and that is why Ruby got her first pair of glasses just before leaving for class on Friday. She reacted like all people with poor eyesight do when putting on something to correct their vision, but it was still fun to watch.


*giant smile, and looking at our signs up on the window* 
“I can read that!”

Archie and I walked out the door with her where she looked all around with wonder and headed off for school.

She later told me, “I thought when I got glasses I’d only be able to read things far away better. I didn’t realize I’d be able to see EVERYTHING better!”

I’m only sorry it took so long.

Soccer is not allowed at breaks anymore, and it really was depressing for Moses. He was feeling like school wasn’t worth going to anymore, but then a new game emerged.

I think it’s called Inverno(?), and it sounds like it’s a type of tag. It’s pretty much the most exciting thing of Moses’s day. He likes to get to school a bit early to play. (And also he’s super worried about being late and likes to leave early anyway. We have to help him calm down a little.)

But on Wednesday he tripped and fell. He came home covered in several big bandages. Things like walking and kneeling and getting patted on the shoulder have been painful for him.

Penelope and Archie are tired. They’re going to bed an hour later with the new school schedule, and have started sleeping in more, but still aren’t adjusted.

This year I didn’t sign them up to attend optional classes like PE and a couple others that seem to revolve depending on what teachers they can get. They’ve done them in the past, and generally enjoyed them, but I wanted them to have extra time at home this year.

I expected them to play more together during this time, but they haven’t been. I sneak up on them upstairs because it’s completely quiet and they’re in different rooms. Penelope’s lying in bed reading a textbook and Archie’s building something with legos. This almost never happens. They’ve really needed the down time.

Woo continues to work on his surfing app. It’s fun for him to be working on something that excites him again (other than someone else’s project).

He worked maybe too hard last week and has been falling asleep early most of this week.

Either I’ve lived here long enough or there was a greater drop in temperature this year... I actually feel like I’m getting an autumn! Which has been kind of fun.

We’ve listened to one session of conference, which was excellent and are looking forward to more. I hope you all had a great week!