I’m grateful that I felt an urgency to do the Christmas shopping and we’re 99% done! Besides the obvious stuff, I’m talking 2 cases of spiced biscuits, wrapping paper, tape, gifts for our secret 12-days of Christmas recipients... Woo even got some David Attenborough series to watch as a family over the break... everything! I definitely feel like “all is safely gathered in ere the winter storms begin.” 

I’m grateful that Woo, concerned with Archie throwing his brain out the window since school started and his decreased ability to concentrate on scriptures or the instruction of his parents, devised a chart and reward system for Archie that they sit together and go over at the end of morning scriptures and the end of the day. 

I’m grateful that Archie is really excited about it and goes to bed feeling that he’s successfully done well and wants to be good again.

I’m grateful that when Woo and I played pass with the frisbee that Archie sat between us and said things like “SUPER!” or “GOOD JOB” or “YIPPEE” or “EXCELLENT” or “MUITO BOM” or “PERFECT!”for every single pass. 

I’m grateful that I have the opportunity everyday to pray and walk to and from school four times with just Penelope. She and I don’t often have that much alone time.

Once, when she was chattering along and I realized that I hadn’t been listening, I raised her hand (which I was holding) to my mouth and kissed it.

She loved that and when she asked why I’d kissed her hand I had to tell her that I hadn’t been listening, but I wanted her to know that I loved her anyway.

She said, “Oh, I don’t care that you weren’t listening, Mommy. I’m just happy you kissed my hand!” 

I’m grateful that Ruby loooves PE this year. It’s by far her favorite class. She has a really good teacher that is really pushing her and there’s a knot of soccer playing boys for her to compete against. They run every class, increasing the run by a minute every couple weeks (?).

At six or seven minutes she started beating all the boys, but when they switched to eight minutes, one came from behind to almost beat her, so she’s keeping on her toes.

Anyway, she’s getting a really good workout a couple times a week which makes us all happy. 

I’m grateful Herbie has been organizing games and playing kindly with his younger brothers and sister while they wait for Ruby and Moses to come home. He’s consciously working on keeping contention and his voice volume down. 

I’m grateful that Herbie got revelation to make his own "Turkish poncho" for surf club out of one of the old TAP blankets we got on our flight here 3 1/3 years ago. (I’m grateful TAP let us take those blankets... we’ve used them in some form or another every day!) 

Moses as soon as we were done listening to President Nelson: I’m grateful he didn’t ask us to fast again!

Moses had to make a digital presentation for Portuguese class and I’m grateful Ruby helped him with Google slides and his Portuguese. She had the same teacher for the past three years and knew what she would want. 

I’m grateful Moses cleaned some fingerprints off the wall of his own initiative.

I’m grateful Moses says that when I play frisbee I look 22 instead of 43.

And then one of the Elders asked Woo and I if we were alive and remembered the launching of the first rocket. I’m grateful for that because it gave us a good laugh afterwards... the first rocket launch that began the space age was in 1926... 

I’m grateful Linus has added an extra “reset” scripture read in the afternoon after school so he can be happy until the end of his long day.

I’m grateful that Linus loves school and is excited that he has gotten more “excelentes” (100%) on tests and assignments than “muito boms” (A’s).

And I’m grateful that sitting on my lap is still comforting to him. It’s nice for me too to have him sometimes be tired or upset and then calm down just by sitting on my lap. He doesn’t like kisses, but I usually kiss his cheek anyway.

I’m grateful that we have a prophet to remind us of gratitude which truly is a fast-acting, long-lasting cure to pretty much any negative feeling possible.

And that’s our week! I hope yours was great!