The Days Are Long...

We’re tired by Friday, the week is long and Friday is a long day. It would really be the perfect day to wind down an hour or two early, but instead were all stuck waiting for Ruby and Moses to come home. 

This week Woo gathered all kids into the kitchen to make tapioca pudding. He felt we needed something that felt a little celebratory or exciting. The kids loved it. 

During a break making dinner, I saw that President Nelson was going to give a special message in a week. It was just the faint glimmer of hope we needed to make it through the evening.

Woo told Ruby and Moses at dinner about the special message. 

Moses immediately said: “We should pray to prepare.”

Then both Ruby and Moses thought of who they could share the message with.

Then someone asked if we had to wear church clothes. There were many responses at once and I could only hear Linus who was exhausted, grouchy and loud, and didn’t think it was necessary. But later I learned that Ruby, Moses and Penelope were for it. (Archie and Herbie voiced no opinion.) 

Ruby fasted today to overcome contention and rudeness and also to be prepared to hear the prophet.

Anyway, we are excited to hear from President Nelson, and while we know that he will likely say something that will seem small to the understanding of men, we want to be ready to recognize what he’s really saying to us and to do whatever he asks. 

The primary program was this week. Linus, Penelope, Archie and I were the only participants, which meant the kids had four talks each. I originally said they could read them. It seemed like a lot of talk to expect anyone to memorize, but on Friday I decided they could do it. They only needed some motivation.

I took those three to the Chinese store were they each picked out 3€ worth of prize for memorizing their talks and also the songs (we’ve been singing primary songs in English since March and they needed to be in Portuguese for the program). Linus and Archie picked action figures and Penelope picked a pretty storage bucket and a bunch of fake flowers. 

They worked on that for the rest of Friday afternoon until they got tired and on Saturday morning as soon as they were up. It was cute to hear them working together on the songs and drilling each other, and by mid-morning they had all gotten it! 

Linus, Penelope and Archie did great in the program. But we only have three kids in primary and I used the same format I have the past three years... in that way the program’s getting dull. I’m going to have to do something different next year to breathe more life into it. 

Herbie had an English project that he’s been putting off... interview someone about their job. He finally texted Grandpa Kip on Friday who answered with pictures.

Herbie had time to make a slide show before Monday and was excited to “have the best job in the class!”

That’s our week! Hope yours was great!