We had kind of a dull week. There was a lot of rain. Since I've been trying to drive kids to school when it's been stormy, I rarely get it right. We drive to school when the rain stops and the kids get caught in a downpour when they're walking. We are all looking forward to Christmas break. I think Linus is the only one who still loves going to school every single day. Only one more week!

Woo got a blessing for his back while at church last Sunday. Over the course of the week it has gotten a lot better, and appears to be fine now.

In an effort to create more of a Christmas environment, I boiled some cinnamon sticks and orange peels in a small pot on the stove. This was a huge hit, and I would walk into the room to catch someone, even Woo, bent over the top of the pot, sucking in deep breaths. Several tasted it, but without sugar it's yuck, of course.

It is orange season and they have started to all be especially delicious.

We started our secret 12 days of Christmas today, made difficult by things like buzzers with cameras, people living in their cars instead of their houses, and so on. We're almost certainly found out by everyone on the first day. Oh well. 

We were helped by Woo driving us around and most of the kids still loving the door ditching adventure. It will probably be fine in the end.

We went on a damp family bike ride which turned out to be fun. Ruby apologized about a hundred yards from returning home for complaining A LOT in the beginning and then ending up having fun like we all knew she would.

It has been wet, but not cold. Moses walked out of PE wearing shorts and a t-shirt. The woman next to me warned me he would get a cold. Herbie, Moses and Linus wear shorts all year long and they are the only ones. But Moses told me one of his friends tried to copy him this week and ended up with... a cold. He's wearing pants again.

Penelope and Archie spent a lot of happy moments working on a book they're writing. 

Linus wakes up earlier than they do, because he goes to school earlier than they do, but one morning he heard Penelope whisper to Archie, much too early, as he came down the stairs: Let's go work on our book!

On the way to school Penelope asked me: Mom, do you think I can write books in heaven??

Herbie has some raw places on his knuckles from riding Moses' bike at the park. These have caused him a lot of grief as they get wet, he has to disinfect his hands, they accidentally get poked by brothers at the table... 

And that's our week. Hope yours was great!