Ferias de Emergencia

And... school is out. 

I thought they’d wait until after national elections (today) and close school next week, maybe even make it through the entire week, but in one day (Thursday) rumors began and yes, by the afternoon there was an announcement that school would be closed for everyone in the nation for 15 days. 

Also, complete lockdown again. 

Thankfully, they’re taking the school days out of Carnival, a couple other holidays and a week of summer, so we’re not bombarded with online school.

Also, Woo and I went on a big grocery shopping trip on Wednesday (the day before). I kind of thought we’d be out of school soon, if not an official cancel, then with someone in one of the kids’ classes testing positive, so I bought a bunch of food the kids enjoy making themselves, and we’re comfortably sitting here, waiting it out. 

Woo thinks they’ll use these two weeks to gear up for online school again, but we’ll take that hurdle when it comes.

We have our science documentaries; I found a new series to read to the kids (The Green Ember—a lot of fun so far); Christmas presents are still new enough to be highly interesting; outside exercise rules have been relaxed from the last lockdown (March/April); so all-in-all we feel pretty prepared.

Moses and Linus are sad school is out; Ruby, Herbie and Archie are happy; and Penelope’s happy with whatever.

The kids were pretty creative this week (I guess in their own personal inspiration to prepare?), so when school did let out they were very busy on their own projects. 

Archie made his own “maze cube” from a kiwi container, paper and a round lego.

He and Linus made their own fuss ball table, which inspired Moses to spend even more time on a bigger, sturdier one. This is the one all four boys spent quite a lot of time playing the last couple days.

Woo also tried to play once, but the game had to go back to the shop for improvements based on his feedback.

Herbie’s hands are chapped, or are maybe having an allergic reaction? to the hand disinfectant at school. He’s happy to have a two week break from that so his hands can be in less pain. I learned this for the first time today.

On Friday (when we were already all home), we learned that a girl in Ruby’s class tested positive. This girl didn’t sit by Ruby, isn’t her friend and also hadn’t been in school since the 15th. We were told we’d be contacted by the authorities with what to do, but no one has contacted us.

It doesn’t seem to matter either way, as we’re under lockdown and won’t be in contact with anyone other than ourselves for sometime. 

Also, we found several bags of Woo’s beloved tortilla chips at the store, and he and Nellpea made salsa for her daddy day, so Woo has everything he wants for the next couple weeks too.

And that’s part of our week. I hope yours was great!