Love in the Time of Quarantine

Overall this was a relaxing week. I do love when the kids are home. 

Woo and Herbie have surfed everyday, which is mostly fun for them, but they complain that it’s too crowded. Much too crowded for January, and it’s been crowded all year. Woo blames covid and people either out of work or working “from home” (out of their vans?). Woo fears the school shut down will only increase the amount of people in the ocean. (We did hear this week that in person class is down for the foreseeable future.)

On the upside, they some times get photographed.

(Woo says the photographer took plenty of photos of him like Herbie’s, but chose this one to hide that Woo’s on a giant foam board :).

At other times it feels like the pandemic was heaven sent just for us. Remember all our struggles with SEF and getting visas? Woo renewed his with three clicks of the mouse this week, and it’s good for 3 years too.

I received a lot of revelation this week and one of them was to “command your children to repent.” Apparently the nightly reminder was not enough. It’s more work for us in the beginning (like everything), but already has yielded some nice results.

Herbie discovered (in a complete surprise to me) that he needed to stop complaining about his cut hands.

He has two slices on his index fingers from the fins on his surf board. These cuts make things like washing dishes and peeling oranges difficult, but he needs to stop complaining about them anyway :).

A true repentance session makes everyone feel better, and Moses felt fantastic one morning, spending a lot of time creating a treasure hunt for his little brothers and sister. (Archie won; he would like everyone to know.) Moses also organized a costumed forest warrior game and a hide and seek in the dark. (We have fantastic blinds here that shut out all light and can make the apartment completely dark even in the middle of the day.)

Moses had his temple recommend interview by zoom and Mario delivered the recommend by mask, outside the building, to Woo a few days later.

We never heard from “the authorities” about the positive in Ruby’s class, so we assumed along with Ruby’s teacher that we were “in the clear.”

Another girl in her class tested positive, but no one’s been in school since the 21st.

Ruby has been happy at home, reading, working on her little projects, doing family history, seminary, and running to help everyone and anyone who is upset or hurt.

On Monday I woke up with the revelation to write out a daily schedule for myself so I could get more done than I thought with the kids home. It was great and I was able to return to some things I’d given up for many months.

I felt so good doing them again that I didn’t even mind that we were living in a cloud this week with condensation mold sprouting on every wall and ceiling before our eyes. I also had time to start cleaning ceilings and it was not as exhausting or painful as I remember. (Woo did clean two rooms at the end of the December, but it was too early in the winter to avoid doing again... It seems February is the end.)

Of course later in the week, I realized that the kids needed to make their own schedules themselves. Linus and Penelope gave this their best effort, and on their own, blocked out time for prayer, reading the doctrine and covenants, their fathers blessings (which they’ve already been doing), exercise, cooking, writing poetry, crocheting, looking over their goals, etc. There’s still plenty of time for fun reading, playing... everything kids like to do anyway.

Archie is loving his time with his brothers and sisters, of course. He’s read stories with Ruby, played maze ball and legos with Herbie, played forest warriors and legos with Moses, Linus and Penelope... he and Nellpea also worked on their book: Adventures in Meligamar.

And that’s our week! Hope yours was great!