Patience and Long-Suffering

Monday morning I got the message that I needed to be patient in preparation for the next day. 

Which was an alert that Monday was going to be a tough day. It was, but I was very patient through it all because I knew everything was going according to plan. (Basically it was back-to-back frustrations, annoyances, injuries, arguments, illness, screaming emergencies, etc.)

It wasn’t until Monday evening that I realized the message might have been also saying that Tuesday would be even worse. Which when I got to Tuesday, I found out that yes, yes it would be worse.

However, I looked at the whole thing as if it were set up solely to see if I could be patient through it, so of course I could.

After that (Wednesday) we were good. We seem to have hit our school stride for our situation right now?? Although, it’s all going to change again next week as Penelope and Archie go back to school.

Penelope chipped a front tooth (the source of one of the screaming emergencies). I think all the kids, but Herbie and Linus have chipped a front tooth now. Archie chipped his last lockdown in the parking lot.

Ruby’s is the only one that’s required a dentist, which is of course a potential fear. The last thing I want to do right now is visit the dentist.

Penelope’s tooth-chipping (on the counter in front of the sink) appeared to be very bad. She was in a lot of pain, and she handed me bits of tooth she’d pulled off her tongue. I was (patiently) envisioning an entire crumbled tooth (and if we had to see the dentist and she had a missing front tooth for the rest of her life, so be it... ).

But when she stopped crying enough for me to look into her mouth, I saw that she’d handed me everything, and the chips had come off the back of the front tooth, not visible at all without peering deep into her mouth. Also, she’s had no sensitivity while eating.

Linus cried in my arms for awhile coming home from school Monday because he had 29 assignments that hadn’t been turned in and the teacher in the school library told him he wasn’t going to pass 5th grade. (Which is, of course, ridiculous.)

After he’d had a chance to eat and run around outside, I sat with him at the computer, where he pretty much took off on his own. He went to work on the most recent back assignments. We discovered that 22 of the assignments were assignments he’d already done in the packets, so Woo had him write a message saying he’d already done it on each one. Now he’s caught up and much more happy.

Moses finds his online classes to be extremely boring, so when he gets home, he’s excited (more like desperate) to do something he enjoys. He built this new car race track, and he’s pretty upset about being interrupted or delayed by car races are going on.

There was a gigantic fight among all the boys on Monday dealing with this, and an even bigger blow up on Tuesday, which proved to be end.

Herbie and Moses finally humbled themselves to see the things they were doing wrong (instead of being so mad at the other!) Moses drafted a set of rules that everyone agreed to and seem to be working well, and Herbie (who is developing an incredibly deep and loud voice) has been working extra hard to keep his voice down.
Penelope (waiting yet again for Woo :): Dad’s the slowest in the family! 
Except when he’s sprinting!
Then we all know he’s still the fastest.

When Herbie, Moses, and Linus went to school, and while Ruby was doing school, and Penelope was reading herself, Archie finally picked up a chapter book for fun (one of Linus’ I Survived books) and loved it! He spent several mornings reading those, and I’m happy that Archie is now firmly in “Reading for fun and learning” (Stage 3 of Reading Development).

He was a little reluctant to get there. This is the first time Archie’s gotten into a book series himself without any prodding. At least not any prodding from me. There might have been some from Penelope, who wanted quiet for her own reading.

Ruby had a presentation that didn’t really seem to go well on Tuesday. At least Woo and I could hear her teacher’s remarks. (It was weird to hear a teacher not even try to say anything positive about an oral presentation... )

We were able to go in and give Ruby some hugs and listen and give her some council. She said that all the teachers are complaining that all the kids are getting bad grades, and all the kids are complaining that they’re doing the best they can, and they’re getting far too much work from each individual teacher... lots of complaining on both sides...

Ruby herself seems to be getting more tough. Long-suffering is an attribute that she is consciously and actively working on right now. I was hoping that she’d be able to be done with online school sooner, but it looks she’ll be online until at least the 19th of April :(.

Woo started watching the Americas Cup. The first one was boring, so I think he just watched the highlights for a bit every morning after that. He watched it with Archie on Friday and had a crowd of boys around him on Saturday.

He spent some time looking up sailing terms and giggling as he read them out loud to me—they sure seem ridiculous and confusing to us incompetents.

Other than that, nothing new with Woo. He’s been testing his app, writing his app. He went into the basement early and fixed a few flat tires before our bike ride on Tuesday.

It was windy, but sunny and quiet and really pretty at times when we could see the bright blue ocean.

It was probably our last Tuesday bike ride. Woo and Herbie fixed the two new popped tires yesterday, but Penelope and Archie are headed back to school.

And I think that’s our week. Hope yours was great!