Sundays are busy. Email on Saturday.

I’m starting to feel like we’re not the only people here who are tired and feel like we need a break. 

School has been extended to make up for lost time during the shut down, with no holidays the entire time.

Woo was getting more and more sick. Linus and I ran to the pharmacy for a new inhaler on his worst day. No one knew if the old inhaler was empty, but it seemed worth a try. Woo and I kept thinking that might be part of his problem.

He has gotten steadily better with the new one, but there’s still something somewhere irritating his lungs.

Archie has a personal goal to be a missionary at school. He told me this week that he said in a class discussion, “In my church we aren’t allowed to divorce.”

I don’t know how that came off or how it was relevant, but Archie said he felt good about it and that he was brave, so I guess it was a success.

Penelope has started to turn her grateful lists into poems. Here are a few lines I remember:

I am grateful for green things, 
And prophets’ exhortings.

I am grateful for my life, 
For every husband and wife, 
Who are one, 
And help others to have fun.

I’m grateful for my breath, 
And the prophets before and after Seth.

Linus made this ship for History and Geography of Portugal (HGP).
Linus: Do you like my ship, Mom? 
Me: Yes. It’s better than I expected. 
Linus: Yeah, me too.
Ruby and Linus both wanted to buy some food for a food drive with their own money, so I took them to the store one afternoon.

They were both pretty crabby when we left, but felt steadily better as we were there, and came home happy.

Linus imagined himself picking out food to feed the entire hungry world. I had to limit him to what they could carry, because there’s no legal parking outside the church. I pulled the van up on the sidewalk, they unlocked the church, ran everything into the chapel, locked the church, and we were off.

Herbie finally finished a project his art teacher was happy with! His self portrait. Still, he’s happy to leave this subject behind this year.

The older kids seem to do one book report a year in Portuguese. There’s no suggested or required list to pick from. The quality of books chosen seems to be pretty low. In fact, Ruby said her teacher mumbled something about allowing a lot of books this year that she normally wouldn’t have…

Anyway, Herbie‘s Portuguese teacher was happy to allow him to do his report on books he’s read in English and wanted him to read a segment in English out loud to the class (which he had to translate anyway).

But he said the best was that they were supposed to bring a book to read after the test, and his teacher was visibly shocked when she saw he was reading All Creatures Great and Small.

His English class read a simplified Oliver Twist and watched one of the movies. Of course, he was the expert there too.

Ruby did her report on Journey to the Center of the Earth, but she read the Portuguese translation. She’s currently reading a big book of all Jules Verne’s works that she got at the school library. She's been really excited about The Adventures of Captain Hatteras.

They both really liked The Chosen, The Hiding Place, and want to read more of PG Wodehouse’s Jeeves. (I’ve never read them, but I assume they’re okay?)

Ruby had a field trip. The first field trip anyone’s had in over a year. They went to the beach and picked up trash and also did some biology and physics/chemistry related things with those teachers. Something about the wildlife and composition of the river?

She was pink when she got back that evening and had a cute mask line, that was mostly gone in the morning.

Woo gave a great talk on hope that was like a breath of fresh air in our tired little branch. I’m always happy when he’s on the line up to speak. He is less happy.

Moses is always super concerned about being late (unless it’s bedtime). At the beginning of the year, with the staggered schedules, some of the kids said it was a relief to not be walking to school with Moses anymore and his constant fear of being late.

Anyway, on Friday he came up to me in a rush (several minutes early), said his prayer, grabbed the backpack in the entry and ran out the door.

A couple minutes later, Ruby (who was home for lunch), came out of her room and announced that Moses had taken her backpack. His was still in his room.

She spent a couple minutes grumbling about Moses and his hurrying until it became clear that she needed the things in her backpack for class that afternoon. She grabbed his backpack and took off where she caught him just before he entered the school gate.

We were able to get an appointment the first week the temple is open for baptisms, so we’re pretty excited about that.

And I think that’s our week. 
I hope yours was great!