Too Many GIFs

We’ve had a week… many days have been difficult because… I think we’re just tired?? I don’t think we’re sleeping well. 

The kids have been LOUD and difficult to get to sit still or listen to anything we say. And I was so tired, I took a few naps and went to sleep an hour early one night, then slept 10 hrs the next night.

And Woo had his low sleep symptoms too—sinus infection and allergies. Anyway, I don’t know what’s been up.

Ruby has been planning a YW activity and inviting some friends to give a little presentation about their religions to talk about similarities and differences. She’s been very excited and full of ideas.

Herbie flexed, and then laughed sheepishly and admitted that he’s terrible at arm wrestling. I didn’t believe him, but he agreed to arm wrestle me right there, and I beat him! Both arms! He’s much stronger than I am, but not at arm wrestling, I guess. It was kind of cute :).

Moses mastered his maze ball, the most difficult maze ball we have. He could do all the levels separately, but on Thursday he did it all at one time. Herbie was watching him at the time, and they both cheered and celebrated like Moses had won corta mato.

Linus was in a cooking mood, making French toast, fried eggs, and toast in the oven on different days.

He’s been laughing in a more frequent, deep chortle than we’ve heard from him in years.

Penelope got a tiny packet of candies for a classmates birthday. She brought it home excited to share with everyone, but by the time she remembered (after dinner), the kids were so tired, it successfully unraveled almost everyone!

But Archie knew what was expected of him, and when he got a small package of gummy bears the next day, he ate only four himself, so everyone else could have an equal share.

Woo has become more reclusive since we moved here and even more since covid. He used to wish he had friends, but Herbie‘s stepped into the only remaining space a friend would fill (surfing buddy). He still has a friendly smile and a word or two, and even the occasional short conversation, but he’s not that interested in most social situations anymore.

I’ve been receiving revelation about how to share the gospel here, which I may share more about some other time.

Saturday we attempted to play volleyball in the park. We’re really horrible at volleyball, and Woo barked coaching terms at us I an unidentifiable foreign accent, trying to get us in a state to compete.

This led to a lot of laughing when we imagined a situation where the entire US Olympic team was unable to travel to the Olympics, and we were the only possible Americans to represent the country.

Herbie, Moses and Linus seemed to think they could wow the world in the surfing, soccer and cycling competitions (respectively), but the rest of us knew we’d be a comical disgrace in every event we attempted. Of course we assigned Archie to Greco-Roman wrestling and powerlifting. (The next day Penelope expressed a secret desire to do the weightlifting. And the running.)

Then Ruby suggested that this could be the “special blessing” we had all been working so hard for, which made it all seem even more hilarious.

We found snapdragons on our walk home from church.

Woo (making his snapdragon “talk”): Do you know what masks have made easier?? 

And that’s our week. Hope yours was great!