More Fun Than Expected

I was wrong. We do have two school holidays. One was last Thursday. The other is next Thursday. Archie’s teacher also took Friday off. When I responded to her announcement that I thought we all needed a break, she responded with many exclamation marks. Yes! We are really needing a break!!! 

We used our Thursday to visit the cemetery (and then the skatepark) in Lourinhã.

Irmão Pedro died two weeks ago. No one in the branch attended his funeral because no one in the branch knew until about a week afterwards. We knew he was in the hospital (for like three months :(, and we were praying for him. He sounded poorly the last call Woo had with him, and he didn’t always answer the phone anyway…

Anyways, we wrote some cards and left them on his grave.

Soon after moving here I got the impression that I would one day have the marriage I’d always wanted.

Which I assume meant that someday I’d have that fairytale wedding I’d imagined was mostly the norm (without ever having been married before).

Anyway, Woo has become so kind and solicitous, it’s as if his number one goal really is to make me happy.

This week he was so kind… voluntarily fetching me snacks while I laid in bed doing family history, making sure I was happy, and had had enough… I could hardly believe it.

Moses got the air knocked out of him at the skatepark. He panicked when he couldn’t breathe and motioned and gasped at Linus, who laughed because he thought Moses was joking (as he often is).

Moses was not happy about this, we discovered, when he had recovered enough to get up and walk to where Woo and I were sitting (we saw nothing of what happened).

When Linus did his own gasping and motions to defend his laughing, Moses got even more upset.

“I was trying to tell you to do CPR!!!”

Ruby has decided she’s going to ace this final exam that determines college entrance here. It’s in a year and a half? But she’s spent her lunches and free time pouring over her books, doing every exercise, writing down questions for her teachers about things that aren’t clear, going over old tests, etc.

She’s been introducing her friend, Naha, to indexing. Ruby is a champion indexer. She’s really enjoyed figuring out the old alphabet from records she’s doing from the 16th century.

Our kids do almost all the indexing and reviewing for the entire stake. They do a lot, but it’s also too bad that at least someone else isn’t doing more. (I can’t be too critical, as I personally almost never do indexing.)

As indexing group leader and creator, Herbie continues to send cute, encouraging messages to his brothers and sisters to keep them on their indexing goals.

We rely on Herbie for many things because once he’s on a task, he’s on it forever. One I’ve been grateful for this week is that he takes it as his personal responsibility to keep track of what hymn we’re on every evening and to announce it to the rest of us. It’s a real help as Woo and I are usually trying to juggle several other things at that moment.

Herbie has recently overcome frequent annoyance with his youngest brothers. I think what helped him was to pray for them a lot instead. He’s been fantastic in this area the last couple of weeks.

Linus had a good school week. He had an assignment to do a report on micro plastics, and his work was praised in front of everyone because he’d written it all in his own words and understood what he was talking about. (Apparently, he was the only one?!)

Then, his visual was a huge hit with the kids, as well, who shouted that it deserved an A+++ (um muito bom mais, mais, mais)!

Woo and Linus had a daddy day making waffles on an afternoon when only Linus was home. Woo told a lot of jokes, Linus did a lot of good belly laughing, and they got to eat delicious waffles. It sounded like a good time.

It was children’s day this week, which the Portuguese celebrate just as if it were Mother’s Day or Father’s Day (or more, by our level of celebration). I believe many of the kids get presents from their parents.

Penelope and Archie had basically a party day. They each made a keychain with letter beads spelling out their names. They each got an activity/story book and bag from the city, and they each had a more fun activity in the afternoon.

Penelope’s class was interviewed on the radio, and Archie’s class went to the pirate ship park that we always go to, but it’s super exciting to be going there with your class during school!

They were also supposed to eat popcorn, but I think that fell through. Archie said he didn’t eat any.

Moses' tower of liquids assignment:

I asked the building manager about getting new toner for the branch printer to print temple cards, and he just gave us a fully functioning printer instead. (One of the other buildings had recently upgraded.)

And that’s our week. Hope yours was great!