Last Saturday night Woo and I drove to a neighboring town to meet six active members who live there. They’re in our branch boundaries, but have been attending another branch for the last couple of years.

This had been a somewhat frustrating situation for Woo as he didn’t have contact numbers for the members or know anything about them… but he finally got enough numbers to set up a meeting with everyone, the stake president came and explained everything, and now we find that we’ve taken the other branch’s RS president, EQ president, YW president, seminary teacher, primary president, and their entire primary!

Woo couldn’t sleep one night because he was having too many ideas, and branch planning and work has taken up a lot of his brain.

Our entire family is also on the schedule to make some sort of presentation on Come Follow Me for the Saturday morning session of stake conference this month. This is a little confusing because we don’t really know what we’re supposed to be doing, but whenever leadership visits the branch or we meet them at the temple, they’re always excited and tell us how much they’re looking forward to it… and they get blank stares back. We have no idea what they’re expecting, and whether it’s anything like we’re expecting, but either way it doesn’t really seem like a “look forward to” experience from our perspective.

Herbie and Linus were at odds for a lot of the week. I finally learned the full details on Friday. Linus had stolen a book of Herbie’s that Herbie wouldn’t let him read, and Herbie wanted to read a book of Linus’ that he had also hidden so Herbie couldn’t read it.

You’ll never guess, but when I suggested that Linus offer to let Herbie read his book in return for reading Herbie’s book, a solution was finally reached.

In fact, Linus had a pretty horrible week, starting Sunday night when he stole Herbie’s book and hid it. Once he returned it and apologized, Linus was finally able to be at peace and be a consistently pleasant human being.

Archie decided to do some secret service. He washed Linus’ dishes when Linus wasn’t looking. He felt so good after that, he snuck into the covered porch and hung up the laundry. He felt so good after that, he snuck upstairs to make some beds, but they were already made! Someone had even made his bed!

Strong suspicion was placed on Herbie and Moses, but the real secret bedmaker outed herself in her gratitude list (Penelope), where she also wrote that no one had even suspected her. I was the only one who knew until Archie overheard me thanking her. Blast!

Ruby has had several wonderful mornings. She wrote some poetry. One was a poem about faith patterned after the meter of a famous Portuguese poem that Woo and I have never heard of, but was probably good.

She played and sang hymns, did her chores and then extra work in the area that she could see needed to be done. She even cleaned out the inside of the garbage can.

She tried to sooth a cranky Linus many times, but never really succeeded until he’d repented. Then they had many happy moments together.

Moses loves the olympics. (He loves watching anything.) He loves the slack line and croquet and Settlers and will avoid contention to keep doing those things so the game can go on.

Moses has been working on using his words to build his siblings up and encourage them to be good. This has been one of his talents, since he was little, and he has a lot of power there that I don’t think he recognizes. I really don’t want him to lose it.

Penelope also frequently writes poetry. She wrote a poem on prayer yesterday that she thought was her best poem ever. She read a lot of poetry this week and read me some of her favorites. She also has been enjoying some biographies, and she loved Jane of Lantern Hill and told me all about it at the park.

At the park, she met a little friend that she likes to run around with named Wilma. Wilma is from Poland, but she speaks Swedish and English also.

Woo had been showing the kids some of the olympics. The Portuguese coverage is quite a bit different from in the American… they show a lot of, say, the 50th seed in a little known event because the competitor is Portuguese.

He laughed a lot while watching dressage, and quoted the Portuguese commentary several times.

Woo: Your PE class is a real class where you actually learn stuff!

When Herbie and Moses could tell him the official competitive rules of both ping pong and handball.

Archie has been bitten by the gymnastics bug, picking out a training outfit, doing exercises every morning, and doing tricks in the park. These mostly involve lots of flips around the bar at the head of the slide, but he has a few more.

We also received the slack line and croquet game this week. Also, I hid some new books for the kids around the house.

And that’s our week. I hope yours was great!