Some Things *Might* Be Happening


This week I turned on the missionary work. I was always weak at contacting as a missionary, and I still am. In fact, I hate it (well, the local online stuff I’ve also started doing isn’t too bad… ), but I’m trying. 

I’m praying for courage, and I’m definitely more courageous in the morning. My runs are pretty successful, and I can also run by people I’ve already handed a letter and heartily say, “Bom dia, irmã!” and wave like we’re best friends (which is NOT me at all!), but by the afternoon I’m a feeble baby.

In the morning, or sometimes after another day, I can try again.

I had a dream (last week?) of me doing a terrifying obstacle course that fell to pieces as I was running it and turned out to not be terrifying at all, only a mirage. I’ve thought of that dream a lot as I do this.

Sometime, maybe, I’ll write how I got to this point, and why I feel it’s necessary, but I don’t have the energy. This has been an exhausting week for me, a pretty entrenched introvert.

Herbie got to experience the bureaucracy run-around that Woo and I have experienced so many times in Portugal. He had three days to register for high school online, but the site wouldn’t let him.

Over the three days, he tried several different things online, emailed back and forth with his teacher, secretaries of both schools… he and I made a trip to the middle school, then the high school, then the middle school… he made a few phone calls, and we think that he’s probably successfully registered now. Possibly.

I was very happy that Herbie is old enough to handle this himself. I largely just had to play a supporting roll, while he dealt with the mess. Woo gave him some wise counsel about patience and prayers and patience, and Herbie did very well.

Woo has struggled with asthma off and on here. Sometimes surfing helps, and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes clearing out the entire bedroom and closet and disinfecting helps, and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes avoiding the office in the church helps, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Anyway, we’re at a complete loss. Woo had a bad case this week. He went surfing once with Herbie, but they came home early because (in Herbie’s words) “Dad died.” Woo was doubled-over in the entry, dripping in his wetsuit, sick.

The next day, Nellpea and I came back from buying her teacher a goodbye present at the Chinese store to find Woo in the park playing 2-on-2 basketball with Ruby, Herbie, and Moses. He was not wheezing at all. In fact, he looked great!

He’d kept having the feeling that he should get out and play basketball, and when he did, he was not only fine while playing, but he felt wonderful! It cleared him right out. He said it really was a miracle.

Other things in Woo’s week: taking Herbie to work on a branch member’s orchard and being fed an ample Italian lunch, organizing a branch picnic, making tapioca pudding with Nelpea, and assigning a restless Archie to swat all the flies in the house.

Moses is really pretty good at avoiding contention now. His secret weapon? Leaving.

He has the self-control to not reply to incendiary comments, but if someone else doesn’t and an argument breaks out or if that first person won’t leave him alone, I frequently notice him slipping out of the room.

This summer has an advantage over last summer in that both parks are open. The kids each picked out a new soccer ball or basketball, but Ruby bought a volleyball (she really enjoyed it in PE this year, in spite of being hit in the head one week), and Moses bought two tennis rackets.

Linus continues to crochet up a storm. He wanted me to print him a new crochet pattern, but we ended up getting frustrated as he didn’t give me many specifics and the Internet is very large, even in the world of crochet patterns.

But one morning, after doing family history, he searched for “crochet patterns” on FamilySearch. He found two that he excitedly saved in his memories.

When we looked them over, they were handwritten notes (in very shaky handwriting) for things like doll beds and doilies that he wasn’t very interested in. But I finally got him to narrow his request down to a crocheted lion “stufty,” and we found a free pattern soon after that.

He is very excited and has been studying the instructions as he finishes up his other projects (3 down, 2 to go).

I put some things up for the kids to memorize over the summer. I put up all of D&C 1 after reading about Ahmad Corbitt reciting the first section from memory at a youth conference. There were some complaints about that, but I explained they had all summer, and could do it by memorizing only a few verses a week.

Penelope got started the very next day, walking between the living room and our bedroom muttering D&C 1 to herself and also D&C 4, that Woo suggested, and Penelope said she already knew. I do think we already did it in our morning scripture memorization, probably the first year we moved here, so that will be an easy review for most of the kids.

Archie is very pleased that today was his half birthday. Something exciting has seemed to happen every year on his half birthday, starting four years ago when we flew to New York (on our way to Portugal).

Today is no exception in his eyes because we’re going to the Pinhal for our branch picnic and also I’m doing his chore for him today (dishes).

He came downstairs first thing in the morning.

“Penelope hasn't remembered to say the magic words yet.”

Us: Please? Thank you?

Archie: No. Happy Half Birthday!

Oh, of course!

There’s a boy in Ruby’s class who had his appendix taken out (late last week?), so Ruby has been trying to organize her class into making some sort of a care package for him.

(He is supposed to stay in bed for some lengthy amount of time—all these things seem to take longer in Portugal.)

Ruby has been largely enjoying her break. A little too much—her room was getting horrendous, but she did a great deep clean Wednesday morning and then went on to do a lot of extra cleaning in the kitchen.

Ruby is surprisingly adept at Flys Up. She made 50% of the catches in the time I was watching. Ruby would catch the football, throw it, someone else would catch it and throw it, Ruby would catch it and trade them places. And so on.

And that's our week. I hope yours was great!