Did You Think to Pray

We had a couple of nights where either Linus or Archie or both were super grouchy at bed time. 

One blessing I’ve received is patience. Years ago, I started praying that reading the Book of Mormon would bless me with patience every single time I read it. There was an immediate result, but also, over time I have developed a super human patience that is not mine.

(Incidentally, Woo said this week that since becoming branch president, he also has been blessed with extra patience.)

Anyway, one night, with Linus, I was able to convince him to pray. I had actually just finished writing a chapter about him as a little boy, loving the song “Did You Think to Pray,” constantly reminding us about it and living it himself. I told him about it, and read the song lyrics to him, which still seem to touch him. (It had been Woo’s idea that we memorize the song way back then.)

He started out with a grouchy, kind of rude, shouting prayer, that gradually faded into a kind, humble voice, and then silence. He went to sleep.

Another night, both Archie and Linus were super mad, and I had nothing. All I could do was pray. In probably less than a minute, things were much better. Linus shouted that Archie was getting up, but when he found out that Archie was not getting up, but kneeling in bed, praying, he also was humbled to pray. And when Archie apologized for being grouchy, Linus also apologized, and very soon they were quiet.

It was a reminder to me that I need to be better at saying specific, little prayers all throughout the day. In fact, Woo said the very same thing about himself in this week’s Come Follow Me.

Ruby has really been clearing out the debris. Reaching back to like second grade, repenting and apologizing as soon as she recognizes she’s said or done something wrong. She’s been really wonderful. On the day we went to the temple, she was all bright and happy smiles to everyone.

Another of her goals this week was trying to spend more time with the family and not read so much.

After finishing D&C 1, Herbie’s been working on memorizing D&C 4 and part of D&C 84 in Portuguese. We’ve seen a lot of miracles with Herbie this week too and he’s also made a marked change in being more humble and more prayerful.

Woo and I took him grocery shopping with us, and having three carts to fill instead of only two was a big help.

One of Moses’ recent goals has been to not be crude (as in potty jokes). He often writes on his gratitude list: I wasn’t crude today!

His brothers didn’t believe him the first time, but he said, “No, I really was!” and after some consideration, they were silent as they could see he was right.

We’ve been practicing our stake conference talks together once a day, and yesterday we finally got them well enough to be under 20 minutes!

Penelope is the mostly easily intimidated and distracted by standing in front of us and saying something (And to be honest, the first time I also thought that standing and giving a talk to my family was worse than standing and giving one to a blurry crowd.)

But now, she is unstoppable! Getting all through her talk no matter what faces are pulled or cries of pain are emitted or gangs of motorcycles drive by on the road outside.

Woo bought a 3000 piece puzzle the week before his parents came to visit (clear back in 2018??).

Anyway, we have never finished it. Ruby tried once, I think, but mostly it’s sat in a box. Moses laid it out on his bedroom, and Woo is determined to finish that thing, often working with four or five kids, or sometimes even alone.

The puzzle was irritating him, but now he straps on a face mask and says, “Back to work!” as he heads back in to the puzzle.



I hope you all had a great week!