I Have Nothing to Say About the Whipped Cream

Penelope’s scripture study question on Monday was “what goals should I set for myself?” (She later told me she always asks during her morning prayer "What question should I ask to get the revelation I need?")

Then she received revelation for a bunch of new goals for each of the four Children and Youth areas. All of them were great and she got started right away.

Penelope is a self-motivator and is actively working herself on self-improvement. She’s also tried to do something to help me every day, whether it’s secretly organize the entry or a kitchen shelf or help get ready for dinner.

She was very pleased to finish her scarf this week!

Ruby has also been a self-motivator, working on her own goals for years, but in recent weeks she’s really taken off with her daily repentance. Her list has a repent section, also a “could be better” section, and a “to do” section. She’s made rapid and lasting progress on several things with this.

A couple mornings this week, all the boys have been gathered around Woo’s phone watching the Olympics and Penelope and Ruby have been writing poetry or studying their school books or playing the piano or crocheting… some thing from their goals.

One afternoon Ruby comforted Moses (after he broke a croquet mallet), cut Herbie’s hair, played with grouchy Linus before dinner, and in the morning successfully encouraged Archie to clean the toilets better. She took sandwich orders another day and made a bunch of fancy sandwiches for lunch.

In other kitchen news, Linus has been making his own breakfast granola and Penelope made a big salad for herself for lunch.

Excellent Linus is finally returning! We haven’t seen him in months, and he shows up in equal proportions to cranky Linus (the rest of the time is regular Linus). He’ll take Archie personally under his arm to help Archie be reverent during scriptures, or help Archie clean his room, or help Archie be quiet at night and go right to sleep, or carry all the croquet stuff to the park and patiently wait out the first game, and then not complain at all when a mallet is broken and he doesn’t get to play after all. (He was rewarded for that by winning his next four games in a row.)

Irate Linus did show up on Thursday, where he had to go to his room for a break. After sending him, I had the inspiration to have everyone prepared with a compliment for him when he came down. He heard me and it softened his heart. He smiled again hearing everyone else’s compliments and didn’t have another problem all day.

Herbie has a crazy tooth that we’ve mostly tried to pretend isn’t there, but recently it’s been causing him pain as it jabs into his lip.

We’ve been trying to find a dentist for three or four months, but it’s been something akin to getting tickets to the US… it seems it should be the easiest thing to find a dentist and go, but somehow we can’t ever seem to manage it.

However, since last week, it’s really been bothering Herbie, so on Thursday we all went out to run errands. While Woo and half the kids were at the post office, I took half the kids into a dental office to attempt to make an appointment, but the dentist immediately took Herbie back and ever so slightly smoothed the point on his tooth to stop the irritation. Then he said Herbie needed braces—Invisalign, but this tooth doesn’t really seem like an Invisalign kind of thing…

Herbie challenged me to a few races in the park. Luckily, all the other kids wanted to participate too. Herbie won them all very easily. I lost them all.

Every once in awhile, Moses’ brain seems to go completely out the window. I keep thinking this is probably pretty typical deacon-age behavior, and if we ever spent time with a bunch of other deacons we would see that he’s probably pretty tame.

But this week we were walking along a pretty busy road when he suddenly kicked a baseball sized rubber thing out into traffic. Luckily, it missed all cars.

He was pleasantly playing croquet and had just gotten poison, then suddenly decided to wind up for a crazy swing. Woo saw what was happening and tried to warn him, but the mallet broke.

Moses felt pretty bad about this, but Ruby worked hard to comfort him. Woo helped him fix the mallet latter with some super glue and duct tape. It’s the mallet Moses always has to use and was fixed well enough for Moses to take second to Linus’ string of firsts.

Moses got revelation at the beginning of the pandemic to keep a journal. He’s become pretty accomplished at this, encouraging Ruby, Penelope and Archie in their journal keeping efforts. Ruby started writing in hers everyday after reading about Wilford Woodruff.

Moses is trying harder to be a kind big brother. Especially to Archie. When Archie was showing me his drawings in his notebook, Moses came over too and asked a few questions, gave a few compliments.

Archie’s behavior seems to be following a similar pattern to Linus’ actually. He’s had a lot of moments where he’s been a great peacemaker.

He voluntarily gave up his big stamp when there was an argument about it. He excitedly started on and finished writing his talk for stake conference. He often helped Penelope help me in the afternoons.

Archie’s misbehaving is more along the lines of shirking work and not doing his best.

He’s a good sport to always want to play with the other kids, even though he’s always the slowest or the “worst.” It bothers him only occasionally, and when he’s with kids his own age, he feels like a superstar.

I was searching for the answer to one of the Come Follow Me questions when I got the inspiration that we needed to do the virtual tours of the church history sites. We have an appointment for the Sacred Grove next week.

Woo spent the week in activity planning mode again. He suddenly turned into the quintessential branch president, standing at the grill grilling, cleaning up at the end, and spending time in between socializing. He’s slowly getting everyone interviewed and seeking the right calling for everyone.

He also had everyone answer a few questions so he can post a daily spotlight to the branch WhatsApp group, and we can all get to know one another better.

He and Herbie have only surfed about once a week or less. The waves are too crowded, even in the morning, and they aren’t that great this time of year anyway. So even less motivation to fight for space on them.

And I think that’s our week! I hope yours was great!