Boys Camp

Woo, Herbie and Moses were gone three days for YMs camp. 

Herbie and Moses were so, so excited. They packed everything last week.

Woo was… less excited, but he’d volunteered to help. Having once planned and executed a district YMs camp essentially by himself, he knew how valuable extra hands would be.

They all came home having had a lot of fun. Herbie loved the pool. His relay had won. Woo said he was probably the third fastest boy there, even though he swims with his head up (like they all did).

Herbie came home with scrapes on his chest and fingers from pulling himself in and out of the pool.

There was also a dance with the YW on one of the nights and Herbie surprised us all by asking four or five girls to dance (at the prodding of some of the leaders).

Moses danced the first assigned dance and then quickly escaped to the basement to play foosball with a group of other boys.

Moses’ favorite part was probably all the soccer. Returning his church clothes to the van after the dance, Woo was surprised to see Moses out playing soccer again! At midnight.

Moses won 10€ during one devotional for answering questions correctly. The questions weren’t particularly difficult, but Moses was sitting front and center.

Woo decided it was probably a truth of life that people who sit up front earn more.

Woo enjoyed getting to know other people in the stake, especially the other leaders. He texted home, “These Brasilian guys, I’m telling you; they get it. And they have been through a lot. Pretty inspiring, really.”

One thing he told me is that he and the Brazilians had sat around talking about what YMs camp was like when they were younger.

Woo was nodding his head in agreement when they were talking about hiking out into the wild and sleeping in giant army tents, but then he realized their experiences had been very different when they started talking about waking up in the morning to find two guys tied to trees that their leader had caught trying to harass the camp. Or obstacle courses that involved walking through rivers at neck height and spiders, spiders, spiders.

Ruby was sad and we were sad for her when there was no YW camp for the girls. Woo had the van with him and he looked into Ruby getting a ride or taking a bus to the dance, but it was impossible to work out.

I tried to make things a tiny bit more fun at home, and she tried to be a good sport.

We didn’t have a car or anything new, but I took kids to the store right away to buy some snacks and favorite dinners. Linus wanted to eat pizza, spaghetti and hamburgers (just like the YMs camp menu), but we had pizza, spaghetti and kabobs (they’re easier to make and easier to clean up after).

We played a new scenario of Seafarers every day. Ruby won most of them. (A small consolation?)

We played croquet every day, and I read a fun book they all really enjoyed and had not read before. Also, they got to stay up later.

Linus found us these inflatable chairs at the store for half off. We bought two. The kids are loving them, and so far we’ve avoided major arguments, but I’m kind of regretting them. We have very little room in our living room/dining room now.

Before the older boys came home, Penelope and Archie spent a lot of their free time sitting in the chairs and reading. This isn’t odd for Penelope, but it is for Archie.

We took all the kids with us to the temple again. Linus, Penelope and Archie waited while we did baptisms and they much preferred waiting in the little building there for an hour to waiting several hours at home.

We also saw the tour of the priesthood restoration site, held our poetry recital (Ruby, Herbie and Moses had all of D&C 1), and Herbie and Moses got their second dose of vaccine.

Moses fainted when he stood after receiving his. He was fine after they elevated his feet, gave him some water and a little sugar, but still a more exciting vaccination than any of the others.    

And that’s our week. Hope yours was great!