School Starts

School started on Friday. It came much too soon, but the kids were mostly excited to start. Penelope was VERY excited. She’s in the middle school now with lots more kids and teachers, and a varied schedule. (She had the same teacher from grades 1-4.) 

Woo and I had the parent meetings this week. Those meetings are sooooooo painful, but thanks to Covid and only having Archie in elementary school, we only had three this year. I went to two and Woo went to one. Herbie went to one by himself for a tour of the high school.

Ruby and Herbie have seminary in the stake this year because it’s on Zoom. (Earlier they were doing on online international class.)

They seem to enjoy it. It has added some extra hoops to jump in our morning, but I think I’ve figured them out.

Ruby was more positive starting this year. She has Herbie at breaks, and really enjoys some of her classes.

Moses gets to play soccer again during breaks this year, which has pretty much sealed the deal as a great school year for him.

He’s the oldest kid at the middle school, and walked Nelpea to school that first days with plans to show her where her first class was and to help her get her library card (the last one didn’t happen yet).

Linus worked on beautifying and personalizing his school notebooks in the days before school. He carefully put his lion stamp on the front of each one (after testing a couple of colors on a scrap piece of paper). He glued other shapes and used stickers in patterns around that.
Me: Archie, I’m going to be able to read a book just to you this year. There are some books I’ve read to the other kids, but not you. 
Archie: Like what? 
Me (saying the first thing that came to mind): Um, the BFG? 
Archie: I’ve already read that. 
(Eyes lighting up) 
          Jane Austen? I haven’t read Jane Austen.

We ended up starting the Jungle Book.

Woo has hardly surfed at all this summer. The waves have been horrible. He told me he’d read that this year had the worst waves since they’d been keeping track (13 years). Also, it’s always crowded.

He went a couple times this week for exercise, but it’s not been satisfying. In fact, it’s sad for him. Like the last happy thing here has been taken from him and become a “meh” instead.

Seeing beautiful green landscapes on our virtual church history tours is not helping either.

I personally don’t know what to hope for anymore as far as places and homes go. Thinking about it feels like wasted energy as the only correct next move for us seems to be “Zion.” And we’re not there yet.

Anyway, I hope your week was great!