A Week

This week seemed kind of quiet. Nothing big. Some good moments, some bad. 

We watched conference, of course. We were also about ready for a grocery shopping trip, but I decided to stop by the store after dropping Nelpea off at school on Friday to get us through the weekend.

I was prepared with two backpacks and three large grocery sacks, so I happily filled the cart with apples, bananas, oranges, three packages of cherry tomatoes, two large butternut squash for Sunday’s dinner (I didn’t want to carry a bag of potatoes, but I don’t think the squash ended up being lighter), a couple cans of olives, about 50 rolls of assorted types, a stapler, 2 packages of spare staples, pants for Archie, 2 packages of our favorite Christmas cookies (that they were stocking for the first time), 10 frozen pizzas (our Saturday evening Conference tradition—your Saturday morning), and probably some other things I’m forgetting.

Long story short, it was VERY heavy, and I made it home, but it was extremely uncomfortable, I had to take a few rests, and I said a lot of prayers.

When the kids got home they thought I’d gone on a full shopping trip, and when I’d told everyone that I’d carried it all home by myself, there were lots of comments while eating an apple or sandwich about how I’d carried it home under extreme conditions, or lengthy gratitude prayers (by Moses, mostly) somewhat exaggerating the way the food had arrived in the house.

But, it was a good thing I’d bought so much. Everyone was so hungry and by Sunday evening it was all gone.

Conference was good, and gets increasingly easier to do as the kids get older. President Nelson’s talk has some interesting things to fast and pray about.

The school schedule this year is easier on our family, but I do a lot more walking. I spend significant time walking with everyone except Moses (and only a little with Ruby).

But it has been nice to talk to everyone more often in more of a one on one setting.

Linus likes to ask a lot of questions. Penelope and Archie and I sang “Hope of Israel” on our walk one morning because Archie wanted to memorize the words.

Moses is sleeping much better. Last year he had mornings free and school until 6:30 PM. I think it was difficult for him to unwind, and he had no pressing reason to get up and get going in the morning. Now he’s relaxed and tired enough when it’s time for bed. He’s going to sleep very quickly.

Ruby has been wanting to get her patriarchal blessing for several months. At first we were slow about it because we weren’t sure about her getting it in Portuguese, then there was another lockdown, then forgetting what to do, forgetting to get an interview… and finally! She had her recommend and could make the appointment.

She, Woo and I held a quick council on days that would work (the patriarch lives an hour away), and Ruby summoned her courage to make the phone call.

She returned with a funny smile on her face. The patriarch only took her name and told her there was such a large backup of people already waiting that he’d have to get back to her. And so it continues to not happen… :)

We had one day of no school this week (national holiday). Woo and Herbie went surfing in the morning, while Linus had a rough start. It was a dull, drizzly sort of day, and everyone wanted to read, but Linus wanted to go to the park.

But Woo and Herbie came home soon and we decided to go on a bike ride. A lot of kids were grouchy about that, but not Ruby! She used to be the grouchiest about this kind of stuff, but she was excited.

Woo spent some time in the basement pumping tires, aligning tires, fixing flats, and finding eight bikes that would function for a couple hours. Herbie helped. I helped, and Ruby tried to smooth things over with grouchy kids. Penelope and Archie were generally happy.

The chain on my bike snapped about fifteen minutes in. Several kids wanted to turn around then, but Woo volunteered to ride the broken bike, Ruby volunteered to tow him, and we went on a regular length bike ride, where by the end, all kids were having fun and were glad they’d gone (just like they always are).

Woo had some pain (arthritis and the tow cord being wrapped around his hand), so he rested when we got home, and I played Seafarers with five kids (Herbie read nearby and made occasional comments) until it was time to make dinner.

Penelope has a family member assigned to each day of the week where she tries to secretly serve them and be extra kind to them. She is burning through books she’s checking out from the school library.

Archie got revelation to play with a girl at recess that he often sees playing alone. He likes to race home from school, up the stairs, throw his backpack off and dash to the window so he can call to his classmates returning home more slowly on the sidewalk below.

Linus is working on a scripture case made out of cardboard and duct tape. Ruby introduced him to the idea, which is exactly the type of project he likes.

And I think that’s about it. I hope your week was great!