Beautiful Weather

I went to bed Sunday night feeling a little stressed that Monday was going to be a very busy day, and I’d be lucky to get it all done. 

Then, Monday morning I read the invitation Sister Wendy Nelson had given in her talk that Sunday, and I dropped everything I’d previously planned to make a packet of talks for every single child (and Woo, who requested one when he saw them—I kind of wanted one too, but decided to stay digital). It took all morning. I did finish the other things too, but many of them waited until Tuesday.

When school started we were excited to see that all our temple baptism-aged kids had the same afternoon off to go to the temple. It was the same afternoon we’d gone to the temple before the pandemic. But when we looked at the temple schedule, it was closed that afternoon, and they had no plans to open at that time in the near future.

Woo, “When I was thinking of the kids’ schedules, I didn’t think the temple was the one that would be in the way!”

So we were left to schedule on Saturday, which is very busy, and we were only able to get one appointment for the kids for the rest of the year. Then after conference, every single endowment session on any day and at any time for the rest of the year was suddenly gone.

Part of our family fast for the month was for increased temple opportunities. In my mind, the solution was something along the lines of the temple changing its schedule or something even more drastic, like us moving, but the solution is never that.

We’ve had people invite us to their scheduled baptism sessions, and the temple contacted us to be the witness couple in an extra endowment session for temple workers (mostly women). My mind has also been opened to other, personal things, and suddenly walls blocking our way have become no walls at all, and we have increased our time in the temple.

Ruby was extremely excited about her packet and read something like 18 talks in the first two days. She took it with her to school and marked it all up, made all sorts of goals, and had overdone it by about Wednesday. Now she’s taking it more slowly, a talk a day like the rest of us.

I read Archie’s talk with him. We trade off paragraphs and he marks things that he likes. He enjoys it and sometimes reminds the other kids to read theirs before they do other things.

I should say we started by trading off paragraphs, but he keeps reading more and more and he read the whole last talk out loud to me.

Penelope’s class had their class elections. She was excited to be elected to secretary. Penelope has also spent a great deal of time writing backwards.

Some kid at recess to Penelope: What are you doing? Other kid before Penelope can answer: Probably writing backwards again, come on.

I finally had to tell her I wasn’t going to read anymore backwards-written repentance lists, and she hurried and whipped one out written correctly.

Linus got to work on his crocheted compass rose. His first effort turned out very badly, my idea for a second try was also a bust. Finally, we decided he could easily crochet four long, pointy triangles and connect them in the middle.

He crocheted a small square to attach in the center to cover the hole, and left that for the morning before school, which made for a stressful morning for him. He doesn’t usually do that, but Moses has come up with some new car race tournament that his brothers are all greatly involved in.

All brothers, but Herbie (who’s getting older and losing interest). During family prayer one night, Moses prayed for Herbie who was “dwindling in car races.”

When I came into their room after that, they were sitting on Moses’ bed together, pouring over Moses’ car race notebook with his spreadsheets.

Moses often uses scripture words when speaking English. “Inasmuch” and “heretofore” are some of his favorites.

All the kids are missing a lot of English slang.

Linus likes to say, “Yikes!” Which I think he got from the Hardy Boys? Anyway, all the kids say it now, and it feels like I’m living in the 50s when they do. For a long time Linus would also describe things as being “like a cow.”

Ruby, and I guess probably none of the kids, knew what “homies” were when talking to the Elders.

They do know Portuguese slang, though.

Archie was very excited to make a crown and wrap it (along with a rectangle of bright pink that Penelope had crocheted) as a birthday gift for his teacher.

Archie also got ahold of some heart post-it notes, wrote “I love you” on them and stuck them in assorted places for people to find them. He stuck one on the bottom of the stairs for Herbie to see when he laid down.

Herbie still sometimes makes lunch for everyone. He enlists his little brothers to set the table and put out napkins, and all the kids are excited to sit around the table eating a meal they worked on all by themselves.

You can't see the computer screen, but this is Herbie showing off 5,000 indexing batches + 5,000 review batches=10,000. A few minutes later he had 5,005+5,005=10,010. He was pleased with the pattern of the numbers.

Woo has been surfing a little more. Not as much as he once did, but more than he did over the summer. It’s still crowded in the water, and the waves aren’t always good, but he needs the exercise and diversion.

Our water bill has been in the landlady’s name all this time, but Woo had to change it to ours this week. It was promising to be an annoyance, but went better than expected.

Despite taking everything he might possibly need, he was, of course, missing a document that he needed, but the lady at the desk miraculously waved it, and he got to share the gospel a bit with her too.

Unable to find any at the grocery store this week, Woo whipped up a delicious marinaded olive mixture. After letting it cure in the fridge for a couple of days, we were all very pleased with his work.    

This was a while ago, but Woo transcribed Archie reading the states out loud (most that he’d never heard of, and reading some letters as if they’re Portuguese)

VOMIT? (Vermont)
MISS-EARIE - oh missouri
AWA (Iowa)
IDUH (Idaho)
ORZANA (Arizona)

Saturday we had a big group of seminary students from the stake here for a Super Saturday activity that all of us hung around with, and Woo and I ran a few errands for. 

And that’s our week! Hope yours was great!